How Can I Keep From Singing

8 Apr 2019 – Eat, Drink & Be Merry

Sat: appreciations for a short delightful concert How Can I Keep From Singing with the pastor Alexander Colstrup playing the drums!

Comment from Carmel who is in Ireland now and unable to attend: Oh how nice !! Thats the good looking pastor at the Norwegian Church. Remembering back to blog posting: 20 Nov 2018 – Christmas Bazaar and the sight of a young new eye-candy pastor; blame it on Carmel who commented that the churches in Ireland would be packed with young ladies if he was preaching there! My answer: not blind yet, so do enjoy your sight fully while you still have it…

Thank you for coffee&waffles over a beautiful sunset@The Norwegian Seamen’s Church. Also a place where I can get my Norwegian cheeses. Living a simple life to the fullest, just enjoying these moments without any questions or thoughts.

If you see the sunset, does it have to mean something? If you hear the birds singing does it have to have a message? Robert Wilson

Sun: condolences to AuntieAnna Chan&cousinKaren Lim for UncleJohn LIM RuKhoon (1934-2019) who passed away last night – may he RIP. B/W+obituary pix credits to Karen. Bro Lawrence&I last visited him in Jan2019@EderlyCareCentre in KCH where he certainly showed weak signs of recognition to Lawrence.

Tkx to Clement finally got to finally taste this HokkienMee@EC Rd and it is as good as his brother’s@Lorong29. We were there before 1800hrs to avoid crowds&lines and that we did, but we could see many packages of take-away ready to be collected. Thrilled that both my favourtie HokkienMee&PrawnMee are within walking distance from my 4-walls.

Continued to Parkway with intentions of grocery shopping, but decided against it. Tried their signature drink RedCane@FunToast – first time here and trying this drink which is too pink&sweet for me. Seems like there is a new route from the bus-stop to Parkway all the time due to the MRT-TEL-line constructions. The days have been too hot to be out but the evenings and the dawns are quite lovely with the breeze.

Mon: wines from Les’s cellar to compliment food and here is where I am in food&wine Paradise. 5*FineDinning@Paradise Teochew/ScottsSq – tkx to Les&Ivy&their friends. Above 3 pix: Braised Sliced Irish-Fat-Duck with Tofu, Steamed Pomfret, Sautéed Fresh-Lily-Bulbs, GingoNuts&OrganicBroccolini

Happy SJI Reunion to those who are back in SIN to celebrate their reunion. Pleasure to meet Carol&Tibor from the US. Small world – Madeline is the sis of Rebecca, my CHIJ classmate and now neighbour here@MarineCres. To Madeline&Kwan, welcome back to SIN from the US who are also visiting their mothers ages 106&90s.

Excellent with this fresh water fish Braised&Fried SoonHock/MarbleGoby (Oxyeleotris marmorata) with 2007 Cloudy-bay-te-koko

This absolutely tasty young Roasted&SucklingPiglet is one of the best I have tasted – the crispness of the skin was just right and the meat lean&moist with 2008 Domaine de Chevalier.

SautéedJapanese BeefCubeWRoastedGarlicSlices – tender beef done to perfection with roasted garlic. 2002 Château Lafite-Rothschild. And here is a very seldom wine which I am soo blessed to get to taste only when I am with Les&Ivy. 

Today ST and another article 2015-article from LifeHackerThe Secret To Living Longer: Chocolate, Wine And Sex. Not that I wish for a long life, but yes, a healthy one and a balance of all kinds of good food&wines might help 🙂

One of my favourite dark chocolates is from HI and tkx to Huang who works for Dole, managed to get a few packages for me to bring back here.

So I recommend having fun, because there is nothing better for people in this world than to eat, drink, and enjoy life. That way they will experience some happiness along with all the hard work… Ecclesiastes 8:15

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