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24 Mar 2019 – From Hilo To Kona

Tue: tkx to Huang to the airport bright&early for a smooth&on schedule less than an hour flight from HNL-ITO, the Big Island. Appreciations to Loon for meeting me@the airport and for breakfast@Ken’s House of Pancakes – omelette&hush-browns are as usual enough to doggie-bag for lunch!

The famous BanyanDrive –  is a tree-lined street at the shoreline here, also known as the Hilo Walk of Fame for the banyan trees planted by celebrities. These trees have withstood several tsunamis that have devastated this town.

Carlsmith Beach Park where the inviting cool clean spring water meets the lava-rocks and the ocean and where human and turtle can swim in peace – not brave enough to be in the cold water! Reflection of a Monkey-Pod on this pond does make look like the pix is upside down!

Coffee stop@Maureen’sB&B to learn that business has not been good for her recently. Quite a place to upkeep and hope that business will pick up for her.

Farmer’s Market across the street on a public park with lovely Banyan Tree, but sadly some homeless hogging up the pavilion around these public areas which should otherwise be an attractive site.

The Pacific Tsunami Museum – dedicated to the history of 1946 Pacific tsunami, also has a mission to educate people in general about tsunamis. Well worth to catch the 23min video in the old vault, yes this museum is the old bank. US$7 S$9.5 for Seniors.


Mokupāpapa Discovery Center – bring the place to the people and spur greater public awareness of the region and ocean conservation issues. Was following a video attached on a seal@the kiddies corner and interesting to see that the favourite food for this seal seem to be the octopus or maybe a big squid – no words spoken or written.


Ice cream for snack up the road hit the spot. A stop@theSallyShop to pick up some flat-sheets to cover furniture with.

Will be placing my sleeping bag on a nice big bed in an idyllic house in Pahoa surrounded by these beautiful wild orchids and other flowers tonight. With this kind of ambiance, it is nearly impossible to image what was happening just down another road nearly a year ago…

Wed: lava from KilaueaVolcano has destroyed about 600-700homes since May 2018.

Speechless with these pix and parts still smoking. My heart goes out to ppl who lost life and their homes even when&with the newest&youngest land now in formation!

Thu: decent brunch@the local grocery store with a quick restroom stop@Pahao Neighbourhood Facility with and impressive mural. One cannot be too careful with restroom stops where the homeless are about, thank goodness Loon has figured out which are decent to use.

The trees here are quite a feast to the eyes = Paulownia/yellow flowers. Monkey Pod and some pink flowering tree.

Scenic drive along Onomea Bay –  (red flowering trees are Chinese Orchid Trees) with a snack stop.

Short trek around Akaka Falls in its beautiful lush vegetation&GoldenBamboo.

Uncle Robert Keli’iho’omalu is the legendary and beloved patriarch of the old Kalapana village, and the market takes place at his family compound, located near the New Kaimu Black Sand Beach. And here is Loon with the Moon with some fire-dancing in the background.

Fri: TGIF – heading towards Kona stopping at this orchid garden for a quick restroom call. Would you pay US$20,000 for this orchid??? Was just lucky to catch it in bloom, running late for Vernon’s lunch to take time for this garden.

Another charming location@WoodValley/Pahala with coffee, lemons, mandarin oranges, Macadamia nuts, mango, beautiful bamboos on the grounds.

Punaluʻu Beach (also called Black Sand Beach) on this lovely late morning with 4Green Turtles or Honu enjoying the heat and one seemed to have had enough sun and heading back to sea. Felt like one of them in my movements today, with little energy and short of breath…

Keylime pie@Ka Lae – southern most point of the 50USA states and driving thru’ the short 12mile street here, I seemed to remember counting at least 4churches and 1temple!

BigJake’s and here he is with his pet John-John. Their combo BBQ and even sharing this was more than I can handle.

Saying hi to ppl at a time-share…

Loon felt better to had me seen by a doctor – his regular Dr Traub was not available, Dr Crispo took care of me and he was cautious to suggest trying the herbal overnight, and if not better the next day to go for antibiotics and if still no better to be admitted to the ER! A good doctor should cover all grounds and he is worth US$180 S$244 to ensure Loon&I that this too shall pass…

A dip@Kona Pier for Loon, also the spot where King Kamehameha swam in and the start and finish of the Ironman Triathlon World Championship.

Was not feeling up to driving all the way to WoodValley and glad we overnight@Manago Hotel US$91 S$123 – named after the family who founded it and endures as a piece of old Hawai‘i attracting visitors from around the world. With simple clean, no-frills rooms that are accessed by a simple key, where it offers a step back in time. Located in Captain CookTown on the slopes of MaunaLoa at an elevation of 1,350′. It overlooks the beautiful KealakekuaBay and the ancient Hawaiian Place of Refuge in Honaunau.


Has been a long day, did not sleep well and felt nausea all night. Time to stop the herbal stuff and go on to the antibiotics which I was hoping to avoid. Maybe the ghosts here are trying to tell me to slow down – lol

Conscience is no more than the dead speaking to us ― Jim Carroll

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