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7 Mar 2019 – It Takes All Kinds 

Sun: The Necessary Stage’s Theatre presented It Takes All Kinds performed by Theatre For Seniors. What is your recipe for a successful family – a good performance with beneficial messages to anyone who dares to look&question into themselves!

Nice to be able to attend this performance in the neighbourhhood’s theatre and to say hi to Haresh. Short walk with Clement for a bite of durian (227KatongDurian) and cendo (Glory) on EC Rd.

Mon: on bus16 and was amazed to be able to connect to WhatsApp on this particular bus. Had to msg Sue just to check out that it really worked and it did! Tkx for curry lunch with Boon@TanglinClub to Hong. Nice to catch up and hear about his recent travel-adventures on the roads&the seas in N&S America. How coincidence to bump into Andrew as we were trying to catch up too, but as it turned out he is busy with Swiss guests the next few days.

Appreciations to Calvin@Campers’Corner for sponsoring these gears for the Hawai’i (BigIsland), HI trek. Sure am going in style as I age! CC BambooTrekkingPole, Cocoon TravelSilk-Sheet&Pillow, Nemo SwtichbackFoam&UltralightSleepingPad, Helinox ChairZero and to top it all, got to borrow this palm-size air-pump. All these gears are not only good for trekking, but perfect to have if you are stuck anywhere (especially airports!) and need to lie or sit down in comfort – multi purposes is the way to go.

Tkx to Tony for explaining&helping me to change my power supply from SPgroup to Switch. Hope that starting from 15Mar (2yrs contract), the power bill will be cheaper and that the perks like one free AC service, free AIA PersonalAccidentalProtection are true to their words.

Tue: a life-moose living the good life in Oslo/Norway! #6 is all excited&happy to see this real animal in his neighbourhood, I too would be if a moose visits my neck of the woods! The stuffed ElgEgil/MooseEgil from school had been accompanying him home for a week in Sep since he started school in 2017, but nothing like the real thing!!

World Fastest Internet Speed – #1 SIN, my birth-country (60.39 MBps) – SIN is one of three surviving city-states in the world, including Monaco and the Vatican. #4 Norway, my other home (40.12MBsp) – Norway is suspected to have the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund, estimated to be worth $1 trillion by 2020. No complains about the speed of internet here in SIN or when in Norway.–

Happy Bday Gel and tkx to Leonard for fixing whatever problems this PC has been thru’ and also tkx for dinner@I12 TimHoWan.

Wed: very early 70Bday (Jun) gift to KK as our paths will probably not cross on that day. Also something he needs for his age!&travels since the disappearance of his last one during our 2018visit to Italy – lol. Age is certainly no reason for us trying to plan our next trip, hahaha.

Happy Bday and condolences to LAcousin LindaPuiChung for the passing of her mom, auntieKeng (106). Oct2013 was the last time I saw her during a visit in CA.

Was also just informed by Hong of RichardLEE’s mom (100+), known to us younger generation as 家姐 passed on Jun2018, belated condolences to Richard&family. Saw her last in Sep2017 – may she too RIP. These aunties have had good life and it should be celebrations to their life, including porpor (99). Prayers are with auntieAnna&cousinKaren who is now on her way to KCH as uncleKunn is kept on a ventilator.

Thu: getting things in place&shape before leaving the comforts of my 4-walls! Some words of wisdom to live by –