2019 St Patrick’s Day

18 Mar 2019 – Happy 45th Birthday To My Beautiful First-Born

Fri: TGIF and what a beautiful day, on days like this when the weather&everything around is just perfect, is when Heaven is a place on Earth.

Tkx to Leah for delicious BTL sandwich, blueberry-cream-cheese scone (the best I have tasted)&strawberry muffin in the calm&serene atmosphere on the hill side of Manoa. Good to catch up, a very belated congratulations to her marriage and all the best to her&her hubby.

Waioli Kitchen & Bake Shop: highly recommended and tkx to Leah for introducing such a charming&delightful place.

Appreciations to Maya Soetoro-Ng (Obama’s sister) for being such a spot to be photographed with us. Was informed by Leah that she was sitting next table to us and being an admirer of the Obamas, was an honour to talk to her.


Sat: so very sad with these shootings in Christchurch/NZ – condolences, thoughts&prayers are out to all affected. Heard from cousin CHAN WK&family and that they are safe&well. What kind of demon could have been so evil to destroy and harm life like this? 🙁


The scenic route –  John Burns Freeway H3, on route to Kaneohe.

The guys were getting the oysters ready on the grill while Huang had to shuck 3 for me as I preferred them raw – even better eating them under the beautiful orchid by the Saraca-Sorrowless Tree! For dessert and the first I have tasted Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cream Pie and it was delicious. The Mochi ice-cream Huang brought were also yummy.

Thank you to Wilki&Pattie for a scrumptious homemade dinner of CornishHens, Ox tongue&tendons, home-grown cucumbers+other veggies, these were consumed in good company&conversations. Back to Manoa via the LikeLIke Highway just before midnight and crashed for 7hrs. Tkx to Huang for driving.

Sun: Happy Paddy’s Day Parade downtown starting@Ft DeRussey Pk. Some of these pix here are credits to Huang.

Not enough green on me, but better than nothing – only in HI will you see someone in a green Speedo trunks on Paddy’s Day!

Only one High School Marching Band+a few others not school bands.

Too many cars at this parade.

Fish&Chips@Waikiki Beach Walk – that was the nearest to Irish food that I felt like! No the green drink is not for me!

Dole Plantation with the best pineapple ice-cream for me.

Various pineapples+coco trees and the best are these Rainbow Eucalyptus with natural colourful artwork on their trunks. Somehow with the trees and the weather here at present makes me feel like I am in Paradise!

Mon: A mother will even give upon herself and her dreams, but not on you and your dreams.  Happy Birthday Linn, words do not justify how much I love&miss you – 2018/SC,USA and 45yrs ago in Dublin/Ireland. Now to repack for the Big Island of Hawai’i.

Random pix from ManoaValley with some of these trees going into the Amazing Trees blog posting. Will try to remember to get the names of the trees when I see Loon this week.

imagesIn Waikiki strolling pass a Sunday Mass Service when I said a silent prayer to those affected in the Christchurch/NZ shootings.

Thought of Yoshie too, who is always trying to invite me to her church services. Now that I have stumbled upon one, so she does not have to invite me anymore… hahaha