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17 Oct 2013 – Hello CA Cousins


Tue 8 Oct:  the last time here was in the late 1980s when Linda & Alfred TAY moved into their lovely villa. 36mins flying time from CAE to ATL with a 2+hrs layover in ATL and 4+hrs from ATL to SNA ( John Wayne Airport-Orange County/LA). Thank you L&A for meeting me at the airport.



Wed 9 Oct: what a luxury to be staying in their 8,500sq ft villa with pool, tennis court and fruit trees orchard. Lunched at China Gardens*** and dinner at Sam Woo*** in Irvine. Appreciations to uncle Yat Meng/Richard, auntie Helen, cousins Amy & Andrew for taking time  to meet and for taking us for dinner. Amy will be getting married in Feb and Andrew in May 2014. Trying to be there in May 2014 after Linn’s big 40th and the Boston Marathon!

Thu 10 Oct: interesting to catch up with family gossips, stories and news. Auntie Keng (father’s cousin and Linda’s mom), 101yrs has a good memory and still in decent health. How wonderful! Auntie Keng and mother used to play mah-jong when Linda and I were in our childhood bliss 🙂


Fri 11Oct: first time meeting with cousin Colleen, Linda’s only and youngest sister. Appreciations to L&A for their graciaous hospitality and for driving me to LAX via Long Beach! Uneventful 17+hrs flights to SIN via Manila (2hrs layover) on Philippines Airline.

Arrived SIN Sun 13 Oct, rested for a couple of days and finally got my act together to get a new laptop with the help of Sebastian. Thanks bro! More about the Acer Aspire S7 in the next posting, too tired and frustrated now to go into it 🙂 🙂

Whoever said that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks has a point 🙂 🙂 🙂

Oct’s Special Dates

3 Happy Bday CHONG Siong Yin

4 Happy Bday Berit Lisbet EGGEN

6 Happy Bday David WONG

7 Happy 70th Bday Leslie LAM

8 Happy Bdays Larry LAM, Audrey WONG and KONG Heng Sun

12 Happy Bday Karen SCAF-BENHAM

13 Happy Bday David YUNG

16 Happy Bday Patricia LAM

21 Happy Bdays Steve LAM & Dee HALL

27 Happy Bday Ellen HALD sr

29 Happy Bdays LAM Kwok Lock & Kiera CHUA

31 Happy Bdays Adeline LEE, Mark BOROWSKY and Happy Halloween

3 thoughts on “New Laptop

  1. Tiger Lil,

    I have been meaning to write you & send my best with the recent tragedy. Would love to send a gift card to your daughter & family if you wouldn’t mind forwarding me their addresses. Our thoughts & good energy have been with you guys for several weeks.

    Miss Wiggy

    • Hello Wigs, how terrible of me to forget to wish you a very Happy 50th! Had too much on the mind.

      Belated Happy 50th Birthday!

      At present the family are in the process of looking for a new house. They are very thankful for all the kind gracious people who have overwhelmed them with things, meals, gift cards etc. I am not sure how long they will be using this address but for now it is 145 Sandstone Road, Columbia SC 29212 and this burnt down house will start to be demolished next week. So after that I do not have any address until they find a house to buy.

      Thanks for your thoughts and kindness. Hugs from Tiger!

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