A Sad and Long Day/Edited

1 Oct 2013 – Night before the Fire

Edited 25 Mar 2014 with pix. Thank you to the CAE/SC fire marshals who managed to extract some of the data and pix from the burnt MacBook Air. It has taken time for them and even more time for me to look at them, not to say to load them 🙁


Thu 19 Sep 2013: celebrated this mid autumn by getting the grandchildren to draw a varieties of moons for the outdoor table cover. Bought 6 mini lotus seeds moon cakes and had Chinese take-out and been running around picking up all  these. The lanterns from Toronto/Canada are still intact which was used last year at Sugar Mts. This festival has a long history and have many  legends associated with this the various foods. Most important that the moon is full on a cloudless night so that all the beautiful lanterns can shine!

Jeff was on call and there is a patient with some complication, He did not get back for dinner until pass 1900hrs. We had to start without him. By the time the food was served and consumed, and  with 5 children where food and drinks had to be filled and refilled, there was no chance for the camera to be in action. Glad that they all had good appetites and enjoyed the dinner.

IMG_7270IMG_7274Not a fan of moon cakes, but will eat a bite of the plain lotus seed ones to mark the celebration. Thus a fusion plate of sugar and chocolate chips cookies by Blue Flour. The grandchildren are good to try a piece of the mini moon cakes and JohnW liked them. They had to get to bed early as it is a school night, so the lanterns (paper lanterns without candles), have to be just for decoration tonight. Did not even get the pix uploaded on this blog, could hardly keep the eyes open then. Thus both laptop and camera was on the floor by the bed.  Thought that I have lost these pix.


Thu 19 Sep 2013 – last pix of the house in tact during my walk in the neighbourhood to see the moon.

Fri 20 Sep 2013 0530hrs: no postings or pix as L&J’s house burnt down completely with its contents. Was loading pix on the laptop the night before the fire and now both laptop and camera are gone to the fire.

It has been over a week since the fire and the family are going thru’ some difficult times and decisions to make as to buying another house or otherwise. Thank goodness we are all safe and uninjured and the house is fully insured including contents. The coverage also covers living expenses for up to a year if they decide to rebuild. Will write more when the mind is calmer, and after getting a new laptop and camera.

Sun 29 Sep 2013: condolences to Cindy Chan and family. Fond memories of Gilbert in 1985 when we moved to Long Beach/CA then. Am glad that we took the time to meet up again in SIN a couple of years ago. Sad that he lost the battle to cancer and may he now RIP.