Family, Friends & Food

20 Oct 2013 – And an Acer Aspire S7



Mon 14 Oct: energy level at 0 and after sleeping most of Sun and the evening, but still feeling worn-out and missing the family tons. Morning errands and local food at Parkway. Evening, met with Larry who is visiting from the US and with Richard from Australia who are only here for a few days. Not sure what went on, always good to catch up as who knows when the next time will be???


Tue: tkx to Les&Ivy for delicious dinner at Crystal Jade/Paragon**** Yummy celebrations with niece Kat&family back from NY and Patricia’s Bday. Top of the menu was the Mahseer Fish / Kelah / Empurau / Wang Pu Liao / 红吉罗 / 中華猛魚 and only Les could have pull this thru’ bringing his own fish and telling the chef how he wants it prepared! Being a fish lover, this is still one of the best tasting fish for me! Fresh water fish from the rivers in Borneo with a diet of fresh fruits is one of the most expensive fish in this region.


Thu: appreciations to Sebastian for helping with laptop shopping. Decided to go with the Acer Aspire S7, main attraction is that it weights just above 1kg and also used to have an Acer. Raymond from at SimLim Sq gave me a decent price of S$1,420 (priced at S$1,590). Going back to Windows after 5 months of Mac is not that easy, oh how old habits are so difficult to change!



Sat: first visit to Turf City, a trendy place for food lovers. Appreciations to Les&Ivy for family lunch at Han Sang Korean Restaurant***This location brought back childhood memories where father used to have race horses and was even at the Grand Stand’s finishing line watching the horses racing in! Not too pleasant memories for one who likes horses…


but family, friends and fabulous food make this life journey worth the while!

News from on NSW bushfires: State of emergency declared ahead of worsening conditions. To family and friends in NSW/Australia, plx take precautions. Thoughts and prayers are with you all for rains! And Happy 40th Bday to the Sydney Opera House.

You live longer once you realize that any time spent unhappy is wasted – Ruth Renkl