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14 Oct 2018 – And Constructions 

Fri: TGIF – good to see family again and appreciations to Les&Ivy for this WinePairing Dinner@Culina.

The cracker, fig, ocean trout and crab-cake were tasty.

My portion of lamb was just the right size size and done to perfection – brown outside and pink, moist and tender. Could have gone without the oxtail and if I had thought of it earlier, should have doggie-bag it like Les did. Poor him! coughing and wheezing away very badly!

The dough of the Profitroles could be thinner but filling with ice-cream helped. Had a sip of all the different 6wines. Did not like the Shiraz, the rest were OK but we are all certainly very spoiled by Les where wines are concerned. Am sure glad that I do not have to wash all these glasses.

Thank you to Wiggs for gifts from the US. Am blessed with such thoughtful family&friends around the world.

map downloaded

Sat: welcome back to the never-ending constructions, no NOT a complain, just an update! Looking forward to the completion of the TEL (brown-line) MRT. If still around, will be able to take the underground from where I am to Woodlands without any changes.


Looking forward to our local street food again –  2above pix downloaded. More so now that I have got news that cousin Wilki from HI will be visiting next week.

Started today with NasiLemak – just dawn on me that my neighbourhood NasiLemak stall-owner looks like Ali, one of the casts in SIN local drama Tanglin. Did asked and and he is not and no relationship, but was told that I was not the first one to ask – eye-sight must still be intact 🙂

Sun: a wake in the common area of some prominent soul or rather prominent survivours of the deceased. Have not seen so many wreaths in this area until now. Soon the paper mansion, Mercedes and chests of gold will be in flames and again I do question about these rituals? Besides polluting the environment, there are many issues that will open into too many cans of worms – each to their own beliefs but do wish that they do not have to go past 22hrs with these chanting and other noises. Count my blessings that besides my sight, my hearing is still intact!!

Finally in between snoozes, postings in this blog are more or less edited and updated over a lovely cool&wet weekend.


Condolences to all who have lost family&friends in Hurricane Micheal in FL, the strongest tropical cyclone to strike the US since Andrew in 1992.


And the snowstorm on MtGurja (7,193m), the lap of the south face of MtDhaulagiri in Nepal. Thoughts and prayers are out to all affected.

Most floods are caused by man, not weather; deforestation, levee construction, erosion, and overgrazing all result in the loss of ecosystem services –  Hawken

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