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11 Oct 2018 – OSL-LGW-SIN


IMG_9900Fri: tkx to Mette&Trine for meeting up@Egon Ullevål. Was not hungry, had just a milk-shade while they others had lunch. Needed to rest for the afternoon and had a good 8hrs sleep for the night.

Also a nice bath with this bath-oils from Lush – if anything else, the colour can remind me that only my toes touched the Adriatic&Ionian Sea

Sat: easy day snoozing, laundry&repacking. Congratulations to Irmo XC@2018 Asics Invitational in GA/USA. Proud of my first-born and #1&2 who placed #1 (20:27.16) & 8 (20:45.54) out of 196runners.

Girls -1st Place in the 5-7A Division with 35teams thru’out the SE.
Boys – 6th Place in the 5-7A Division with 36teams thru’out the SE.
Way to go runners&coaches Linn&Jeremy. Pix credits to John Goodale.


Sun: found this poor little bird on the balcony this morning. Took a pix to ask May what I should do with it? Was asked to put it in a plastic bag in the freezer as it is an unusual sort. Was later told that it is a stjertmeis-Long-tailed tit and it is not usual to find it in this area, so the poor little thing probably got lost during migration and flew into the glass door 🙁

May&fam arr home in the early afternoon. Took #6 to a Norwegian movie he wanted to watched. Nice to have some hours with him. Have not been into this cinema since nearly 50yrs ago where I watched The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (1969). Am amazed with my own memory! Off to the airport with the last train.

Mon: dep OSL in the early morning rains on a 2hrs flight (fell asleep before take off and all the way!) to rainy LGW with 1hr layover there. 12+hrs flights snoozing, catching up with movies was smooth, uneventful and on schedule arr into SIN in the early Tue morning rains.

img_3864 (1)

12079703_10153067931781971_4289854151093350173_n - CopyTue: feel kinda out of it where time is concerned. Sad that my favourite Congee&ChaiTowKway stalls are no longer@the MT wet market. Was later told by Aud that they are gone for good cos folks getting old for the owner’s legs getting weaker so they rented out the place. 

It will be difficult to find anything like these 2stalls in the neighbourhood. Will miss them, probably a reason to go on a diet…

Wed: had to watched this so much talked-about movie, Crazy Rich Asian – entertaining and feel good movie. Pix downloaded. Nice to see my old school’s CHIJ chapel – memories of the masses attended there. Wonder what the nuns would have thought to see the chapel decorated like this for a wedding? Niece Pat&Albert’s elegant wedding (Dec1998) in this chapel – without banana leafs, red lanterns&water 🙂

According to an old school-mate&ex-journalist Irene – in conversation with several nuns during and after the move, i found them curiously (to my mind) unemotional about leaving the chapel etc behind. But i guess that is what being a religious is about. Not being ridiculously attached to material things.

The mahjong scene was quite clever.  Pix downloaded. My children will probably agree with this quote below.

Twenty Ways You Can Tell You Have Asian Parents. Number one on the list: Your parents never, ever call you just to say hello ― Kevin Kwan, Crazy Rich Asians. 

Thu: morning has broken bright&early with a beautiful sunrise, quite a change from yesterday’s weather. Tkx to sis Jo for dinner and good to catch up with niece Sue too.

After 2nights of decent 8hrs sleep, am ready to tackle 6months of mail and dust! And also to edit&update blog when the mood permits! Strange, but having vague memories that I first got married today in Dublin/Ireland 49yrs ago!!!

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