15 Jun 2018 – Hello Ryan McGee

Sun: a day of rest with the sky opening up and pouring buckets by evening. Relaxing with the sound of heavy rains – was told that it hailed in some areas!

Mon: Good morning East USA, god ettermiddag Norway and goodnight SIN. To cousin Wilki&Patty for their thoughtfulness – CarePackage from HI was received with thousand thanks. Maybe some of the kids will learn to eat mushrooms after these treats! Actually do finely chop mushrooms in many of the dishes and they have no problems eating them. Will place a few packages of the Macadamia nuts into #3 box when he will be in camp next week.

Today also is the first day of VBS and now that #1 is driving, she takes them to and back for the week. While #3-5 are in classes, #1&2 are volunteers there.

Tue: had to refill the usage of phone services here, still prefer my flip-phone from last year! Considering that a SIMcard is difficult to get, had to buy a new phone and then to renew the plan monthly. The phone cost about US$30 and the plan is US$25 for a month. That is a total of US$105+tax S$142 for my visit! There must be another way to do this than to keep buying a new phone! Will cross that bridge when I get it again!!!

ReSnap book US$84 S$114 and being lazy by letting them pick and layout the pix from FB, 100pp pix are not in chronological order. Considering to write the year&location under the pix, but would be a lot of work!! Linn has her collection more or less in better chronological order, in many smaller volumes (52), and a better idea, especially when all her baby books were destroyed in the house-fire.

Merchandise from Homies: Slap Sunglasses&Universal Travel Socket – satisfied and in good use. Insta Sealer – flimsy and not satisfied with it. Total paid US$63 S$85 including shipping.

Wed: unbelievable, but was told in FB that We’ve removed this post because it looks like spam and doesn’t follow our Community Standards – wow! is this their definition of spam??? It is reposted today and let’s see what happens…

A plea to People on Planet Earth
Regardless of beliefs, culture, race, religion, sexual preference, etc
Why can’t we just accept and respect our difference?

Life is a gift to be celebrated
Differences to be appreciated
Compassion to be achieved

Thank you to those who are willing to help share this message – Amy Lam

Thu: Jerry&Roy Caines, Georgetown SC carve the most amazing decoy ducks (pix downloaded from Columbia-Metropolitan Nov 2017). There are some ducks on Lake Murray here but no good shots of them yet, and for now the only duck on my mind is my favourite duck-dish!

Fri: In loving memories of Lam TinYue (1911-1996) pix taken in SIN 1991 celebrating my father’s 80Bday and the only pix of L&M with their maternal grandfather. And John Hald lll (1923-2008), pix taken celebrating my last Christmas 1984 in Norway – two gentlemen who were few&far between in this world and shared the same bday date – 15Jun.

TGIF – tkx to Ryan (who is en route from NC-GA) for taking time to catch up and to Linn for joining us @CafeStrudel. Congratulations for his achievements – he&his group have come a long long way from since I first met them 6yrs ago in SIN. Way to go, keep up the good work and appreciations for keeping in contact.

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