Cook And Share A Pot Of Curry 2018

9 Jun 2018 – Start Of Summer Holidays

Thu: congratulations to #3, another Honor Roll student – my only grandchild born in SIN! for completing elementary school. Great that Jeff could take time for this. All the best to #3 future into middle school and to principal Tina McCaskill to her new job.

He does not like public speaking, thus his goals and acknowledgements are in written words on the slide-show!

Reception in the cafeteria with Ms Paddock who has taught #1,3&4 and will be retiring after this school year, she will be missed. Coach Goodale will continue his good job coaching them all.

Preparations to Cook&Share A Pot Of Curry for 16ppl tonight. The reason for this event is about tolerance, understanding and fighting against xenophobia.

Trying to keep it a tradition when visiting here and Norway (Kirsten, Mette&Toril from 2011). Appreciations to Haley for opening her house for this event. Tkx to L&J,  Haley, Jeremy, Sarah&Eric and AmyM for their good company – impossible to gather the kids for a shot when they were having so much fun playing!

Fri: TGIF – the last day of school and a well-deserved break for the kids. Saddened by news from this week of Anthony Bourdain (61) chef, travel host&author and fashion designer Kate Spade (55). To understand more, must read this book Touched With Fire: Manic-Depressive Illness and the Artistic Temperament by psychologist Kay Redfield Jamison, a professor@Johns Hopkins who has bipolar disorder has written of the link between bipolar disorder and creativity. Pix credits of Bourdain to nieces Pat&Kat. KateSpade – downloaded

To save a man’s life against his will is the same as killing him – Horace

High school Graduation Day and #1 had to play in the orchestra for the ceremony. She lost count of the number of times they had to play Pomp and Circumstance!

Last day for school and let the summer holidays begin – enjoying #3,4&5 while it last. Soon they too will want to be with their own friends like #1&2.

Sat: Happy 9Bday to #4 – her last year for a one digit number! Chocolate-chip pancakes breakfast made by her daddy as per requested by her. Has it really been 9yrs ago???

Presents today but will celebrate next week – another bday party’s invitations were out first and that family having the party will be leaving for MI next week.


With the Bday girl driving us on the boat to dinner into the beautiful sunset to end the day. Appreciations to #1&2 for taking time off their busy social life driving the car from some party to join us for dinner@Liberty Tap Room on the Lake.


Been a while ago since I had a good steak&SouthernColeslawBday girl was shy about us singing but she liked the complimentary dessert which she shared with #3&5.

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