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6 Jun 2018 – Awards & Recognition For #2

Mon: It has arrived and I finally managed to custom-design a pair of silver-grey (to colour coordinate with my hair) Chaco sandals to wear for dancing all night 🙂 AT hiker-friends will know who to return them to if they get lost! Have been waiting a get a pair like these for some time, but thought it too expensive US160 S$213 (including shipping), especially after getting 2pairs@the CC sales not long ago.

But we only live once and if not now, when?? Tkx to Nathaniel I know that they can re-souled, but you can only do it if living in the US, otherwise the shipping would be the same as getting a new pair.

Had only 1pair, plain black 20yrs ago and it lasted for nearly 14yrs until it burnt down in Linn’s house. Now I have 4pairs, 2 in SIN and 2here! And, yes they are the only sandals which is completely comfortable for me to walk in for a whole day without any complains.

Tue: shopping@WorldMarket and Linn found a 6pack of TigerBeer US$9 S$12 and a pack of variety at US$1.80pb S$2.50 so that I can taste a sip to try them. Beer goes well with curry which will be on the menu for Thu. A bottle of RuffineProsecco US$14 S$18.50 will go well with the blood orange SanPelleCrino US$6 S$8 for a 6pack and my favourite Bundaberg gingerbeer US$7 S$9.50 for a 4pack. Keeping a price tag to be able to compare to other countries.

Lunched@Chicken Salad Chick, Linn ordered 3different scopes, like the one with basil – must try all the others before I leave SC.

Unable to find the curry-paste@WorldMarket&Krogers. The nearest Asian grocery 88OrientalMarket, owners from HKG is on St Andrews Rd next to #2MiddleSchool. Glad that they do stock my regular brand, GoldenCurry here. Also the store used by the MiddleSchool Chinese class to pick up Asian candies!


IMG_4926Wed: #2 AwardsDay@Irmo Middle International Academic Magnet School and the invitation is good for only 2ppl, pix credits to L&J. Awarded for Principal’sList (straight-As thru’out the year) and the Chinese language while her Asia friend, Zoey, got the English one, such irony. Proud of her achievements and she deserves all the candies she wants! Thank goodness she is careful with her diet, so a red-packet will be a better reward!


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