The Incredibles 2

19 Jun 2018 –  Hot & Hotter

Sat: #4 belated Bday lake party was a success for her. Blue sky with a hot-pink buttercream 2tier moist chocolate cake was her choice from Publix – big enough to feed the group+more for dessert the following day.

Good time was had by all.

Appreciations to Jeff for The Incredibles2, another hit – has it really been 14yrs ago since the first Incredibles was released? Marking Father’s Day early this year. Comfortable with the reclining seats with foot-rest@Regal Cinemas Pastime Pavilion8 in Lexington, first time for me, felt like I had super-powers just pushing the buttons 🙂 Fun to have your whole family on the same row, just like when niece Daisy get us the premier tickets in SIN.

Sun: Jeff drove (app 6hrs driving to&fro) #3 off bright&early to his camp in GA for the week – he will be missed, especially by #5. Started on Braid’s book Trail Magic and getting flashbacks from the 2005-AT Thru’Hike.

Took the rest of the gang for ice-cream@Marble Slab@Bower Pkwy, a reward for covering the boat! BubbleTea was more the choice but that is no longer! To the $Tree to pick up stuff for a CarePackage to #3 – remembering how appreciative I was for every CarePackage received when hiking!

Mon: to those celebrating enjoy your 粽子 ZongZi=rice dumplings. Based on lunar calendar, the 5th day of the 5th month 端午节 Dragon Boat Festival is today. Savoury memories of the delicious dumplings paternal grandmother made. Pix downloaded.

No Dragon Boats or Dumplings here, but life is good and ppl are enjoying their time in the serenity&tranquility on the lake. Crepe Mrytles are in full bloom and are stunning with beautiful various pinks shades.

Tkx to Debbie for lunch@BlueFlour/Main St – best sugar cookies there!


Strange to be back at the site where L&J home was nearly 5yrs ago! Vivid memories of the desperate helplessness while watching the house burnt down and now again trying to suppress those helplessness feelings. The peach tree Jeff planted before the house burnt down still stands. Was told it had to trim due to the broken branches after a storm, but before the storm it was loaded with peaches.

The weather forecast here for this week is hot and hotter…

A short letter to this Hot Summer Day,
I get it, you’re a furnace from the sky.

And you want to play chef, to bake and to stew,
Both my feet you simmer and fry… Lewis Raynes

Tue: chilling indoors in my helplessness but thank goodness for the AC.

Words choked in my throat,
Watching their innocence of dignity,
Sadly denying helpless thoughts,
Of their precious childhood,
When there is no sense of shame from the one they trust most...

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