National Gallery 1st Anniversary

28 Nov 2016 – Free Movie Screening on the Padang

img_3054img_3119Fri: TGIF. Was at the polyclinic and the wait was 2+hrs. Since it was not a matter of life&death, 2+hrs was not worth the wait.

The trip to Journey East also went down with the buckets of rains. Had the good company to Gel in the comforts of my own 4walls! Sandwiches/Japanese style & gravlaks with a bottle of red.


Sat: back to the polyclinic at 0800hrs and was in and out within an hour. Tkx to Calvin@CC for the Blackdeer folding chair (made in China) which saved my back! Left my other folding chair in the US to save my back when I am there. 


Homecoming (离人)***documentary screening at the Padang featured interviews and stories from people who have moved out of Pulau Ubin onto the mainland but can’t keep away from island, and those who have made it home after moving from SINmainland.


National Gallery 1st anniversary celebrations with colourful light-show.


Down memory lane to catch the bus on Esplanade Dr. Used to run and played around TanKimSeng fountain when father took me to Elizabeth Walk/伊丽莎白女皇道 and the Satay club here in the 1950s.


Sun: 1st Sunday Advent. Tkx to nephew Clem for lunch with nieces Judy&Daisy and sis-in-law, Kit at SoupRestaurant@Vivo, my favourite locations of all the SoupR if you are lucky to get the sea-view table. Pleasant surprise to bump into Aileen, Alan & their lovely children Jeremy, Alexandria&Chloé.


Tried to do some shopping@IKEA on a Sunday is worse than pulling teeth for me – was I out of my mind??? Discovered Taiwan shaved-ice@Anchorpoint, but still prefer those@MeiHeongYuen.

img_3110Was in this area to pick up some snacks from bro Steven whose memories and many of his issues are getting the better of him – how very sad. On the way to the bus with the the beautiful sun setting, more peaceful thoughts about SIN being the few places where it is possible for ppl to worship different religions side by side in harmony – here is a Christian Church next to an Indian temple.

15179154_2341753385965377_3273008938202478073_nimg_3138Mon: What a way to start a week, tkx to Gel for this share! Looks like my gate and door, exactly the colour and also exact spot where the number is placed!! Would have died of a heart attack to open the door to this!!! Had to enlarge to see what floor – hope that they do not slider higher than 2floors. This was spotted this morning at Delta Rd. Snake was removed after AVA took an hour to arrive – All Singapore Stuff.

Use your enemy’s hand to catch a snake – Persian Proverb

After the posting you can be sure that I will be opening my one and only door VERY slowly and carefully…


Appreciations to Seb for fixing the browser problem here, otherwise unable to update and edit postings! Tkx to Calvin for dinner with suppliers from Czech Republic and Italy who are in SIN for the OSEA2016 International Conference.

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