Thanksgivings Past, Present, Future…

Nov 2016 – And Still Editing For Future Thanksgivings…

2016: a better sleep last night, but still not enough after a nice visit from cousin Yun/Toronto, Canada. HappyTurkeyDay. Was reflecting back the Thanksgivings since this blog started –


2008 – SIN Thu 28Nov. With May visiting, InternationalBuffet including roast lamb and durian (hosted by Les&Ivy) the night before Kat&Greg’s wedding. Have not spent a Thanksgiving with May since!


2009 – SIN Thu 26Nov. Made roasted quail dinner served with a BeaujolaisNouveau 2009 for AmyR who was on crutches.


2010 – SIN Thu 25Nov. made dinner for Les&Ivy, Angelic&Paul & KK. Tkx to Les for a dry white Kistler, a wonderful red from the Harlan Estate and how appropriate to celebrate an American occasion with 2 American wines. Condrieu dessert wine/French was just as complimentary to the Italian dessert. According to bro Les, BeaujolaisNouveau  is more a Ribena (black currant juice) than a wine 🙂 My family&I like it and we have always enjoyed it with our Thanksgiving turkeys since our days in USA. Thus no Beaujolais Nouveau 2010


2011 – SIN Thu 24Nov. Yummy turkey dinner complimented with cranberries and butter-squash soup  by Kat&Greg. 4 generations together giving thanks. Again no Beaujolais Nouveau 2011, tkx to Les&Ivy for hosting this lovely evening.


2012 – SC/USA Thu 22Nov.  Dinner made by Linn&family celebrated with the Looneys and also the last Thanksgiving@SandstoneDr. Bye-bye to L&M’s childhood table and chairs.

2013 – SIN Thu 28Nov. At CC but did not celebrate and that explained why no Beaujolais Nouveau 2013

2014 – SIN Thu 27Nov.  Watched a cheesy movie Maps to the Stars** Did not celebrate, but still a bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau 2014 to mark the day!


2014, 2015 (pix credits to Linn) & 2016 (tkx to Yun for the 2016). Pix from 2014&2016 got me totally confused as they are taken from the same spot but different years! Just shows what age and time can do to one’s mind 🙂


2015 – Japan/Suburbs Of Ayabe Thu 26Nov. Tasted the best mackerel sashimi with my 2 oldest friends PP&KK and also a celebration to our 60yrs of friendship. unable to find any BeaujolaisNouvea 2015 in this area!


2016 – SIN Thu 24Nov. Not your traditional Thanksgiving dinner except for the wine 🙂 Thankful to Peggy for a yummy dinner and grateful to meet up with 1962CHIJ classmates Angela, PatChee, Rebecca, especially Winnie who is visiting from CA/USA and PatThum not from my class.


Shared the BeaujolaisNouvea 2016 with anyone willing to drink with me! Peggy, Rebecca, KS were a sport to have a sip while PatT&I finished the bottle 🙂

BeaujolaisNouvea history since 2009…


BeaujolaisNouvea 2009, 2012 (pix credits to Linn)


2017 – UCD Alumni Event@GrandHyatt/SIN: Top Industry Trends for 2018 – no turkey or Beaujolais but an evening of learning&discussions followed by drinks&canapés.

2018 – Appreciations to Mr Naoto Orui, the founder of The MusicalBox Museum/SIN for a most interesting and sweetest Thanksgiving.

Today I learnt and tasted 19different honeys and that the bee’s lifespan is a month and in that month, it produces only 1teaspoon of honey! Group pix credits to Yoshie.


2019 – TGIF: welcome from KCH Lily and Angelina&Zephyr from Brussel/Belgium for lunched@Jewel. And Lesley from CA/USA for dinner@FunanMall.

2020: whether you are celebrating or not, one should always give thanks to all our blessings. No usual turkey or BeaujolaisNouveau2020 with the family, but thinking about them and still enjoy different foods with friends.

Not quite your traditional Thanksgiving spread, but a Tropical-Thanksgiving spread for CC staff. BBQ PorkRibs, SpicyChickenSauages, SmokedDuck, RoastChicken by ColdStorage with fresh-produce+dip and Physalis/ChineseLanternBerries which most of CCstaff have not tasted. PengHann did not like it. The spread was served on banana-leaf, being decoratively eco-friendly.

Pix credits to Helen. Tkx to Henry for his yummy spinach casserole. Laptop is acting up and it is so very frustrating, will probably need to edit this&future posts! According to my high-tech guru, its time for a new machine. How can it be when I bought this one less than 3yrs ago!!

2021: simple roast chicken. sausage, smoked-duck dinner+FamousAmosCookie (have to have something American!) with Calvin, Sam, Chris & Helen@CC. Tkx to Helen for salad and ice-cream.

2022: appreciations for all kinds of foods starting with a cheese platter made by me@CC, CheeseMushroom@Herbivore, AlmondCremePaste@YatKaYanDessert一家人 and not forgetting my favourite CoffeeIceCream@Cookie&CoffeeCafeBar all under one roof@FortuneCentre. Nice to catch up with Henry and safe trips to Inessa.

Give thanks not just on Thanksgiving Day, but every day of your life. Appreciate and never take for granted all that you have – Catherine Pulsifer

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