Oslo Kulturnatt 2016

19 Sep 2016 – And A Bottle Of ‘Lawless’ Cider!


sep20161967Fri: TGIF – O has a slight cough and sniffy nose and did not sleep well. Decided to keep him out of daycare and took him to Finding Dory@Saga***(dubbed to Norwegian). Lunched at the park@Karl Johan gt and a pix of him by the statue that I also posted with nearly 50yrs ago! Fresh apple juice at BICKS for me and an ice-cream for him before delivering him home.


Headed back into town for Oslo Kulturnatt 2016****events. So much to see and one night is far too little time – picked just 2 events out of the 80 pp booklet of events!


Started at OSL domkirke/Cathedral – previously named Our Saviour’s Church and was first consecrated in 1697; in 1950 it was restored back to its impressive original baroque interior.


img_1457The pulpit, altar piece and organ front with acanthus carvings are all originals.The large ceiling murals were painted by Hugo Lous Mohr between 1936 and 1950, and the stained glass windows are by Emanuel Vigeland. The male choir directed by David Maiwald gave an enjoyable performance with pieces from Grieg, Elgar and Gritton.


Continued to the historic square in Rådhusgata, the old city centre known as Kvadraturen. Surprised to bump into OleK, will catch up with him on Sun. Some of OSL oldest buildings are found around this square, including Christiana’s first town hall from 1641; today Gamle Raadhus Restaurant on the ground floor.


The square is known for its fountain, with a sculpture of a hand pointing to the ground. After the big town fire in 1624, the Danish-Norwegian king Christian IV decided to rebuild the town in this area and supposedly pointed to this spot and said: The new town will lie here!


Today the 2nd floor is the Musikk & Scenehuset where one can enjoy a glass of wine with the music. 2 interior pix downloaded.


Tonight the Opera for the People was FOC and packed – a light performance by various voices from various operas was delightful and entertaining. A fantastic night of charming ambience of the 1600s.



Sat: May wanted to check out this 90% off warehouse sale from Habitat@Fornebu and believe me the crowd, etc put us both off. Most of the items were sold and we were there not long after it opened!


2above pix downloaded, the interior of Fornebu, where the old airport was – there I was first introduced to the paintings of Kai Fjell. In the main hall of the terminal were 2murals, both which have been preserved. The largest was the 310sq m (3,300sq ft) Arrival and Departure which was completed in 1968 and covered 3stories high. Would really like to see these murals again.


Nice relaxing evening listening to The Leif, Magnus & his guitar partner jamming at BICKS with O rocking to the music with his cup of warm milk will be a memorable sight.


Tired this Norwegian cider Lovløs = Lawless!! and it is quite decent, ie dry and not too sweet.


Sun: this incredible weather has been a bonus to my stay, tkx to Mother Nature. The neighbour’s plums are looking good over the fence (remembering the old fable by Aesop, those plums must be sour 🙂 ), the sweetheart roses showing their last blooms for the season and a little jump on the trampoline with his neighbour before O heads out in the woods to try their new fishing rods in some ponds.


img_1525On the way to dinner, passed by Bakkehaugen Church. Popped my head in to take an interior pix and was surprised by a service going on in English. Thank you to Ingrid & HansK for a delicious Norwegian National dishes dinner – fårikål and eplekake. Ingrid is such a fantastic cook and gracious hostess.

Good to catch up with OleK & kids. Too busy chatting that I forgot to take pix – Jenny (13) taller than me, Martin (10) will be taller than me when I see him again! The blood birch has gone way pass taller than any of us 🙂

They’re probably sour anyway, and proceeded to walk away. Moral: It’s easy to despise what you cannot have – The Fox and the Grapes by Aesop

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