Movie Date With Olai

16 Sep 2016 – Gråtass


Mon: Ekebergparken Sculpture Park, 25.5 acres park located SE OSL and a national heritage park with a panoramic view of OSL.



Many interesting sculptures and nice walk in the woods.


One of the cleanest public park I have been and the playgrounds look good enough even for me to want to try. Hope to bring O here before I leave.



An indoor museum (open every day 11-1600hrs), located in LundsHus, which presents the Ekeberg area’s history and nature. There is also an art and design shop that has books and design items. LundsHus is a white villa from 1891.

Tue: a walk to Bogstadveien Moods of Norway to return the dress. Tkx Ingrid for a spontaneous meeting for coffee@Starbucks.


SIN: 30m-tall heritage tree in Outram crashes into 6 Pearl Bank Apartments (pix downloaded from AsiaOne), hope that cousin David’s apt is not one of them!


Wed: nice catching up for lunch@Bicks with Norwegian exchange students from SIN, Magnus (2012) & Christian (2014). Interesting to learn that Christian’s grandfather was then the owner of one of the shops in this old pix at John Colletts plass – Fisk Vilt OLAV LIE, with a cool vintage car. All the best to these 2handsome young men for their lives ahead of them.


Thu: another wonderful day at the movies and down town with O. Gråtass***a farm comedy about friendship with the world’s most famous tractor! We were the only 2people in the whole cinema and that was a luxury; both O & I have that in common that we like our space 🙂


Literally window-shopping@RiktigeLeker (Correct Toys), my favourtie toy shop in Norway. Today OSL City Hall was opened and managed a pix of O with the statue of his paternal great-great-grandfather.


mid-autumn072016080810221174Happy Mid-Autumn or Happy Moon/Lantern Festival/中秋節快樂 and enjoy your mooncakes – not a fan of mooncakes. Fond childhood memories from this festival. Showed O the different colourful lantern pix of this festival and he liked them.

We are all like the bright moon, we still have our darker side ― Kahlil Gibran

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