Memorial Day 2016

31 May 2016 – Bye-bye May 2016


Sat: red sky in the morning sailors take warning. Strange how the saying like that turns out to be quite true! (thank goodness the rains did not start until late afternoon). Amazing sky with the brilliant glowing red side by side with the dark clouds.



Took the Discover Trail@Harbison State Forest connecting to the Educational Center and the state forest office to Tom Baily Saw Mill, now a museum.


Beautiful solo Southern Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora) planted in memory James H Horne 6Jun 1999 with just a single bloom shinning  majestically in the forest.


Jeff’s family are visiting from GA & NC for the Memorial Day Weekend and an afternoon on the boat by the lake is something that this body will not handle well. Was just about to joined them later when James came back to the house and wanted to stay indoors. Had some quiet screen-time with him so that he will have more energy for tonight’s dinner at Cindy’s who recently moved here from FL.


The FaBulous5 are having a blast with their cousins (Abigail, William and Olivia) and their families and their dogs.


Thanks to Cindy for pizza lunch and yummy dinner at her lovely home. Need to learn how to make her coleslaw! Nice to catch up with her family. From left to right: Chris&Kristy (Jeff’s sis&her husband), Jeff&Linn, Cindy (mom), Kathleen (aunt)&Pat (Kathleen’s husband), Charles (cousin).



Sun: the family was at church while I stayed to prepare a steak lunch. Had to take a nap in the afternoon before another round of left-overs at Cindy and also to say hello to Kathleen’s grandchildren and bid farewell to them.


Mon: tagged along with Linn as she was meeting her running buddies at 0600hrs in town. Katy & Ellie also took the chance to stay on their running feet!



Memorial Day early short walkabout Devine to Harden St (Five-Points) 1.5m/2.5k. Breakfast at Waffle House with Linn, Katy, Ellie and some of the guys from Irmo High Track&CC including Coach Lewis. Now this is dedication! They certainly deserved a good breakfast for their presence by 0600hrs on a non-school day 🙂


Did some shopping with Jeff as he needed stuff for his camping trip with Katy, Ellie and John. Bought some coloured pin-pong balls for their new ping-pong table and a light-weight folding chair for myself to use when down by the lake.


Life is like an ice cream, enjoy it before it melts

13325694_10209745321500477_8188017512360185003_nJohn, Sophie and James were with us (the older girls were at some nail salon!) and were rewarded with ice-cream@Marble Slap Creamery for being good and not fussing and touching the things while we shopped.

The family, Tiffany and her boys are on the boat and I am happy to stay indoors to update this post. Pix credit to Linn. There has been much going on this Memorial Day weekend and time has gone by quickly. Bye-bye to the month of May and thank you for the lovely weather.

A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself – Joseph Campbell

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