Harbison State Forest

24 May 2016 – With Different 9 Trails

Fri: @Krogers for US $9, could not resist this mini white Phalaenopsis as it came with a shot glass! and has many buds! The instructions on the shot glass states – ‘Simpleshot Glass one full shot, once a week warm water only WATER RESPONSIBLY’. My bets are that it will survive until I leave as the roots did not look too healthy. What a sucker I am for novelty 🙂


Sat: Jennifer&Frank arrived late last night when I was in dreamland. An early morning for these fit young runners (Linn Hall, Erin Miller, Frank Clark, Brad Marlowe & Larry Jourdain)@Harbison State Forest to start the weekend is the way to go. (my pix was featured in the Harbison Picayune). This forest has 9 different trails (ranging from 0.5 – 4.4m/0.8 – 7k) and only 15mins drive from Linn’s house.


Bounded along its northeastern edge by the Broad River, Harbison Environmental Education Forest encompasses 2,137 acres of forestland 9m from downtown CAE. Its unique urban location makes Harbison one of the largest public green-spaces inside the city limits of a metropolitan area in the eastern US.


Comfy pine needle paths and for a moment I thought I was on the AT again. Thank goodness no snake even when it looked like one!



indexCE7090-2index1pix downloaded.

Erin was parked at Lowe’s parking lot to meet with us and after dropping her off, decided to get some cedar to place in the pantry as I have read somewhere that moths do not like that.  Also read in the news some days ago about a snake incident at a Lowe’s in NC! So told the customers’ service that I will not be going out to their garden section and requested for them to bring the cedar wood in. Fortunately, they were located in aisle 39 and not outdoor. Bought some blocks for the pantry, hangers and sachet for the closets.



Thank you to Jennifer&Frank for this educational presentation Struggling To Find Hope – a play followed by constructive discussions on Mental Health Issues that Impact the community.


Rather ironic, this was all happening at The Comedy House! yes there were some aspect of comedy in the presentation but the topic is sad situation considering how many really understand what mental illness is about.

13254147_10101811806551965_8883944282335363501_npix credit to Linn’s friend.

The young people were out for dinner and I stayed in to mind the kids.


Sun: Linn made a yummy hash-brown casserole for breakfast before Frank&Jennifer headed for their church and we headed to Shandon Baptist Church. Good to have caught up with them this time round. Jeff was on-call the whole weekend and we did not see much of him.


Church picnic at Old Woodlands Park.


Kids having fun on the playgrounds, including the pre-teen and teen 🙂



Irmo High School Field and Track Banquet. Katy made the times for high school, unfortunately she was injured for the season but was still recognized for being at all the practices, team photographer and meets even though she was not able to run. Good food catered by the school cafeteria.



Mon: Irmo Middle Orchestra Chamber Music Recital where Katy played the violin from Weber’s Phantom of the Opera. She did not want pix of herself, but since this was the seldom time Jeff could be there, some pix had to be taken to remember this day! Katy’s teenage friends dropped by for dinner, Abbey and Logan tasted sushi for the first time!


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