All Fools’ Day 2016

1 Apr 2016 – With NO Mobile – For Real and Not A Joke!


Tue: usual senior day at the neighbourhood grocery Giant, which had a promotion with salmon. Clem dropped by and I made some Bourbon Salmon and Wild Rice for a bite before he headed home by foot via East Coast Pk – app 15-16km. Unable to walk with him not wanting to rip up the stitches in the gum.

Wed: too much on-going mentally and physically. Both mind and body needed a break and it is easier said than done! Worked hard at just not letting the mind wander but ended up zzzzz…

e77efa5635_345x518_fe9e112a35Thu: Happy Bday Jo who will be celebrating her last year in her 70s. Dinner tomorrow night. Had to get out before dozing off again.

Movie Long Long Time Ago 2***continuing from Long Long Time Ago 1 (12 Feb posting) featured how greed and hatred changed the kampung (village in Malay) spirit, racial harmony, family love. Bring your tissues along too. Have now caught up with life in SIN from 1965-77.


Sitting quietly watching life go by when this thirsty pigeon decided to keep me company for a few minutes at Shaw Centre Orchard/Scotts Rd.


Appreciations to Calvin & the CC staff for hosting A hike on the Camino de Santiago by Clare Chua. Cheers to Seng Teong for making his best Sangria, so far 🙂 Tkx to Carmel for dropping by and for the ride back to the East Coast.


Fri: TGIF and could not resist this downloaded pix which is what I really feel like doing or even not minding to be the receiver in these weathers – plx do remember that if you intend to play pranks on anyone, make sure that you also can take it 🙂

Never let a fool kiss you, or a kiss fool you – Joey Adams

Happy All Fools’ Day and a wonderful weekend to all.

Appreciations for a delicious evening at Imperial Treasure/Great World City****to Michael, Sue, Pat&David and the kids in celebrations to sis Jo’s 79Bday! Wow! that means she’ll be 80 in 2017!! Tkx to Ivy &Les for champagne and wines.


The Fabulous 5 are on Spring Break and looks like they are having a blast, even the teenager 🙂 Happy to see them enjoying their outdoor life in nature. Looking much forward to being with them end of the month. Tkx to L&J for doing such a good job.

Grandchildren are the rewards you get for not strangling your teenagers…

2 Apr – Happy Bday Marianne HUSTAD

4 Apr – Happy Bday Richard YUNG

8 Apr – Happy Bday Torill WISTNER

12 Apr – Happy Bday Peggy TAN

15 Apr – Happy Bday Lynne ONG-MICHEALS & Aileen KOH

17 Apr – Happy Bdays Anne STENSETH, Sharon KOH & Sara LAM

22 Apr – Happy Bday Ike LAM-BOROWSKY

29 Apr – Happy Bday Stanely LAM

30 Apr – Happy Bday HansK HUSTAD and John CHENG

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