Phenomenon Lights

10 Jan 2016 – Over Norway


Fri: unsuccessful shopping in Mustafa, sold out for the TV and new stocks do get in until evening. Hello again Kinetic Rains at T1, looks like every droplets have been polished, beamingly shinny now and just as mesmerizing as ever. Was doing some shopping at T3 and decided to see Chris off. He is heading for Czech Republic for the ‘Singing Rock’ training. Safe journeys and take care there, my young friend.


A new concept to protect baggage and a colour that you cannot miss unless you are blind! $S15 per piece is worth it, if you baggage is not strong enough to go thru’ the planes’ check-ins, but then why would you get something that is not strong enough to survive the journey and a few scratches should not do any harm but give more character!

IMG_8113NoAddTkx Yoshie for greetings, my first ever snail-mail from Japan. Thoroughly enjoyed my recent and first experiences there. The ancient Japanese knew about China and Korea, but they did not know of any land east of their islands. They believed theirs was the first land awakened by the rising sun. The Japanese call their land Nippon, meaning ‘Land of the Rising Sun’.


Sat: tourist guiding visitors from Ireland – Ann&Tim who have been to SIN many times but not to Gardens By The Bay. Good sport of them to go up to the Supertrees Skyway, nice views of the garden from 22m high. (S$5pp)


Here is the name of the tree as requested – Couroupita guianensis, Cannonball Tree. Was there just recently SG50 FOC then. This time round to just sit and enjoy a lovely breeze watching life on the waters around the Kallang River. Ann&Tim were in the domes (S$28pp non-SIN for both domes) which I have nicknamed Nessy 🙂 It was so relaxing that I would have dozed off if I could have rest my back or lay down…

lasalle college of arts in color7797918-Lasalle-Colleage-SINGAPORE-JAN-23-2010-Open-house-Event-at-Lasalle-College-in-Singapore-This-is-one--Stock-PhotoIMG_8116

A drive to Mustafa and around Little India to collect the TV. Glad that the MRT stations in front are completed and that the barricades are finally down at LaSalle. Such a difference LaSalle is now that a full view can be seen from the road.


Appreciations to Cathrine&Lee for dinner at Imperial Treasure at Paragon****nice to meet new people and young people, Alfonse. Tkx to good wines brought by Les&Ivy.


The cold weather in OSL created ice crystals in the air and the Northern lights have now met its match…


Seems like these phenomenon and strange but amazing lights happening over Norway the past few days may be some forms of chemical reactions and this one is not a good one, as beautiful as they are 🙁

Sun: battery running low (less than 1bar) in everything and everyways! At this stage in life’s journey, one need to be realistic to recharge when needed.  My motto – take care, stay safe and keep moving forward one step at a time and one day at a time 🙂


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