13 Dec 2015 – Poetic Strings

Sat: delightful StringWerkz Debut Recital of Poetic Strings. Thank you Eunice for the invite. Was not allowed to take pix in the SOTA concert hall, so the cover of the program had to be it – but I discreetly tried this fast and not so clear one…


Very limited knowledge and lack of experience with Chinese music and these instruments (Erhu & Jinhu) were not an issue and thought that the cello complimented the music and the instruments.


Was still early after the concert. Decided to take a look at what was going on at the Cathay Building next door to SOTA. Was pleasantly surprised by these entertainers and the Christmas band there making merry tunes.


IMG_7674Since I was already in town, decided to take a joy ride on bus36 starting at the Orchard Road Presbyterian Church (the church where the curry murder took place many years ago). Was prepared that the traffic in this dark and wet evening will be bumper to bumper at Orchard Rd and that the bus will be packed by the time it reach Suntec.

Back around midnight and best time to do grocery shopping at the 24hrsGiant. Could only survive an evening like this as I napped in the afternoon 🙂



Sun: 3rd Sunday of Advent and only the new tiny music-box and Advent Calendar are out this year. Too lazy to put up the village!


Tkx for this Sunday message from cousin Yun in Toronto/Canada and my reply to her: hahaha… when in the city, WiFi to a good way to connect as I hate crowds. In nature, I am connected naturally, so no need for anything or anyone… lol

Living alone in a city is more dangerous than being alone in nature, thus more important to let my family know that I am OK and safe so that they do not have to be concern. Next task is in a mess – procrastinating is the word for now and WiFi is so much easier to be on than packing gifts 🙂 🙂 🙂

One of the great challenges of our age, in which the tools of our productivity are also the tools of our leisure, is to figure out how to make more useful those moments of procrastination when we’re idling in front of our computer screens – Joshua Foer

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