Back To The Future

23 Oct 2015 – And Star Wars

Tue: today was at Orchard Rd and Dali’s ‘Profile of Time’ has time out. It was only last week I took the pix of it. Wonder if it will return? Did not believe my eyes – Christmas decorations are out and it is not even Halloween yet !!!!!!!

Watched 2 movies and did some grocery shopping since I was in the area.

MV5BMjMxMDYzNTQyOV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNzU4NDk5NTE@._V1_SY317_CR0,0,214,317_AL_Boulevard***is a movie about choosing truth, regardless of how many years may have been lost to a lie. A devoted husband in a marriage of convenience is forced to confront his secret life.

In retrospect, this seems an homage to the other side of the comedy mask Robin Williams wore. In many ways it is his Ave Atque Vale. Sensitive, subtle, deep, and heart- wrenchingly real, it is a fine yet sad way to say goodbye to RW – gradyharp

110ca27439_192x272_2a83201ccdThe Intern****a retired successful business owner and widower lands an internship at a fashion website run by a young, career-driven woman. Enjoy watching a movie when there’s no villain, ie bad guy in it.

Light comedy that offers entertainment which also touches on women’s rights and the elderly at the workplace. Some hope for me to be an intern somewhere 🙂

Wed: before filing away and forgetting, would like to remember some of my favourites contrast of the old (1700-1800s) with the new (1900-2000s) combinations from OSL/Norway.

IMG_4951 copyThe National Theatre (1829)
Designed by architect Henrik Bull.

The Peacock Fountain was placed in 1989. Designed by Carl Nesjar (tkx to Kris for that info) and given to the city of OSL by Christian Ringnes, a businessman whose family started the country’s largest brewery Ringnes more than 100yrs ago.

IMG_5689 copySt Olavs Plass (1864)

This square is located at the junction St. Olavsgate, Munchs gate, Langes gate and Universitetsgata. The yellow building was formally Rikshospitalet Apothek/The National Hospital’s Pharmacy (1872). Now a cafe and bar.

Center piece at St Olavs Plass. ‘Water Fountain Sculpture’ is designed by Sven PĂĄhlson.

IMG_5137 copyIMG_5873 copy

Oslo sentralstasjon/Oslo Central Station, abb Oslo S is the main railway station in OSL

Norway being one of the oldest and strongest marine nations and this pix is my favourite for contrast of floating vessels.


Back to the Future: has it really been 30yrs ago??? That will add up to be 50yrs ago since I first left SIN and 30yrs ago I moved away from Norway. Do like the idea of self-tying shoes, especially at this stage when the knees and the back are not so cooperative 🙂 🙂 But US$10,000+ is a bit unrealistic.


Today the ‘Force Awakens’, but having problems to get thru’ corruption, deception and the galaxy of haze!!! May the Force be with us all.


Another exciting premiere will be taking place end of this month in China and Norway, a contemporary opera. Heard some bits of it and the music does not appeal to me, but would be interested to read the libretto someday.


gee1-204x300When Nora walked out the door leaving her husband and children behind, in Ibsen’s ‘A Doll’s House’ in 1879, her future was a question mark.  Today 136 years later, it still is. The Opera ‘NORA – too late’ takes a new look on this iconic and world famous figure of the stage.

Librettist Jon Fosse is looking at the dilemma of Nora from a human, contemporary perspective while keeping the main focus on the three Women of the Opera. Du Wei’s composition is transcending Fosse’s text, interpreting its silence through a captivating, musical language that is both very emotional and personal.


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