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20 Oct 2015 – Of Past & Present


Mon: catching up with newspapers headlines collected on the flights before putting them into the recycle bin. Unbelievable amount of junk, bad journalism, depressing news, etc. Do people really pay money to read such trash?

The link below has inspired this posting.


Some amazing pix to remind us, the senior citizens, that yes we are aging and that is reality. Reflect back and remember the blessings in your life’s journey. Live and enjoy every moment to the fullest with the time we have left…

A comment from Julie in NC/USA: My mom told me that my aging dad, a tall and handsome captain of a ship in his younger days, used to look at his reflection and sigh a deep sigh. I interpreted it as , ‘Look at me now.’
After reading this, maybe he was seeing the reflection of his younger self but his sigh still meant ‘Look at me now.’ It was the tenor of his sigh.

My reply: For me the sigh can be interpreted – those were the days, been there, done that and glad that I do not have to do it again…

But then as Munch said – the truth lies between two lies 🙂

IMG_61031981 – Norway

2014C133yrs later 2014 – USA


This is what happens when I get stuck indoors. Took me forever but eventually found the pix (1961) with my first camera and 50yrs later in 2011 at Yulis wedding with a digital one.

305471_10150303423221971_1206276746_n copy479333_10150786729196971_842970403_o copyIMG_4626 copyimg_5919 copy

Still enjoying and having good times with different cameras over the years, but has to be idiot-proof, ie simply just aim and shoot. No, do not want a selfie stick, takes the fun out of it for me!


Working hard to focus on clearing junk out of my place and packing away stuff that no longer are in used. Perhaps that can distract me from the very itchy heat-rash. Not getting any good night rest with this on top of the jetlag 🙁 This too shall pass 🙂 🙂


The haze is bad and if the heat-rash gets worse, might consider going away if the oral meds do not work. Do not understand how is it that the PSI reading in the west is 400+ ouch, while here in the east, it is 60+??? The news below in not something any of us wish to hear. Have not even dare to venture outdoors today and tomorrow will be another day…

It’s just another day for you and me in paradise
It’s just another day for you and me in paradise, paradise
Just think about it, paradise, just think about it
Paradise, paradise, paradise… Phil Collins

2 thoughts on “Inspired Reflections

  1. Simple help in resetting your body clock to your new time…high protein (except avoid dark meat turkey, high in tryptophan, causes drowsiness), no carbs, but coffee, tea, chocolate ok for first two meals. Avoid coffee, tea and chocolate for ten hours before new sleep time. Final meal, high carbs, no protein. This was spelled out in a book by a physician on how to ease jetlag. I have found it works well for me when I use the concepts properly. Hope it helps you! James

  2. Hi James, appreciate the tips, tkx. It really takes a toll on both my physical and mental being with these long hauls, especially when the body is not as young and strong as it was! Takes a longer time to adjust but all worth it when I get to be with my grandchildren.

    Hope that you are well and that you are taking notes of your own life’s journey. Would be interesting to read them.

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