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25 Oct 2015 – Why 66 Is Better Than 28…

A few days ago read about this newly published book. About a month ago, a write-up interviewing me in ST/13 ST 2015 by Ho Ai Li about swim meets in SIN 50yrs ago. How coincident can this be? The message is loud and clear – start planning for another long-distance hike and if help, health and logistics permit, will put the plans into action!


2 Sep 2013, Diana Nyad age 64yrs emerged onto the sands of Key West after swimming 111miles from Cuba to Florida across this stretch of shark-infested waters in 53hrs – an epic feat of both endurance and human will.


Yes, this is a one-way journey we’re all traveling, and it has an endpoint. We have to get real. I can’t pretend I’m not a whole lot closer to the end than ever before. I accept the lines on the face, cartilage thinning in the knees, the breasts riding lower and lower – Diana Nyad’s memoir ‘Find a Way’


ce0c3dacc1_192x272_2de4cfb6e7IMG_6129Thu: going thru’ the movie screenings online and decided to watch ‘Are You Here’ at Bugis Filmgarde. Was expecting to see an American comedy, but what a total shock to be watching some Chinese horror.

And it was the correct cinema according to my ticket…


image001Wrote to Filmgarde to inform them of the situation and that being a senior does not mean the I can be so mistaken! Was there some confusion? or did I get lost in translation??

A prompt apologetic reply explaining that insing.com has placed the wrong movie poster on their site. Would MOST certainly NOT watch this movie with such a poster, even if you pay me…

_68274626_68274625Pix credits to Rico Hizon

Fri: with haze PSI readings of 200+ better stay indoors after my early morning marketing. Good morning Merlion – mascot and national personification of SIN, please puff away the haze with whatever powers that is within you. We in SIN will help to do the rain-dance to welcome the wet season which is sooo desperately needed…


Sat: thank you to Calvin and co at CC for yummy food and drinks. The new rope machine is quite something. Appreciations to Chris & Freddie for taking care of the dishes –ย  that is where I like to see my younger men, behind the kitchen sink ๐Ÿ™‚



River Nights Festival – Colour of Lights lit up the historical SIN River and Empress Place. A walk around the ACM grounds and by the SIN River with performances at the Empress Lawn by Tโ€™ang Quartet and Vocaluptuous made a delightful evening with a breeze in spite of the haze, which actually was OK considering the result of these pix taken!


Thank you Yoshie for her company. Nice to see just a small crowd on the grounds of Empress Place, like the days at SBG when the SSO first performed outdoors there. Now the UNESCO grounds is too crowded for me on performance nights.


Fantastic job done with the revamp of then Victoria Memorial Hall, now Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall, both inside out. Amazing to think back when first inside there (no AC then) 1955-56? where mother was part of the Association for the Blind raising money at a charity bazaar. Dressed by our parents! as some mascots for the Chinese stall.


A year later 1957 other stalls followed the idea and here gathered on stage in The Victoria Memorial Hall then. Group pix found in the The National Archives of Singapore@1 Canning Rise and I have the original.

images1Sun: have to get my act together. Seems like life has been in a daze over the past week. Just having some not so good days in this haze. Prayers and thoughts for the sufferings and the lost of all kinds of habitats and life in these on-going fires. This is sooo very wrong and I feel sooo helpless. No pix needed here as they will make me sadder ๐Ÿ™

Tkx Aud for the company and for cheering me up.

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