Clouds & Dogs

14 May 2015 – The Best Behaved Dog In This World!!


Mon: shopping at PetSmart to replace the Zuno’s ID tag. Amazing do-it-yourself machine!  So fascinated with it that I got a baggage tag for myself too! Silly me for clipping the leash on his tag instead of his collar on the first day I was trying to walk him. Of course, it broke and he shot off like a bullet to the neighbour next door.


Appreciations for good neighbours who also are dog owner, got a piece of ham from his home to help me tricked Zuno back.



At Lake Murray with Linn feeling good to see that #2, 3, 4&5 are secured and happy in or out of the water. Grandchildren and clouds watching are my favourite past time for now 🙂


Saw the figure of a dog on this cloud – should have taken the warning. Got bitten by a dog some minutes after the cloud shot. Some small dog has seemingly also bit some of my grandchildren and other people too. Will carry my walking stick from now on when I go walking in this neighbourhood. Thank goodness the skin was not broken or it would have been bad being on blood thinner!


Tue: enjoy shopping at Walmart where I can get nearly everything under one roof at an affordable price. Bought this water-gun so that I can defend myself against the 5 of them… hahaha. Made fried rice and apple pie for dinner. The grandchildren are good eaters. Had mussels, squids, shrimps, etc and they ate everything with 2nd and 3rd helpings. James is the only one who was skeptical with the mussels!


Wed: Linn had to go for her dental check-up. Took the opportunity to accompany her to say hi to Scottie. Irmo Elementary for the book sales – glad to buy these 2 books for the price of one which I will certainly also learn from. Got to say hi to #2, 3&4 in their classes.


Lunched at a local joint Mathias***and had my best onion rings.


Picked James at Union and this is the first time I noticed the sign – after 10yrs 🙂 Today a blackbird landed on the steeple while we were in the car line. The sky was in such a pure blue colour with no clouds floating about.


Short stroll up the street in the neighbourhood to finally discover the best behaved dog in this world who did not bark, bite, chase, slobber, lick, or jump on me! Like Gator may she/he RIP. All dogs go to heaven!


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