Mother Day 2015

10 May 2015 – Happy Mother’s Day To All Mothers

Sat: heading out to the Cub Scouts Camp, app 1hr drive west to be with John. Was asked to judge the four dessert dishes, chose the Pineapple Upside Down Cake to be the winner with the Marshmallow Cake for the runner-up.


John #3, my only grandchild born in SIN has a sweet and quiet disposition. Like his father, thinks before he acts and speaks. Has some resemblance to the actor Owen Wilson except that John is more handsome and that is coming from a subjective grandmother 🙂


Did not even realized that John has changed his uniform. Tkx Jeff for bringing my attention that John has now moved from the Wolf Den (yellow uniform) to the Bear Den (blue). Apologies John, plx excuse mormor’s ignorance about Boy Scouts and Cubs and thank you for explaining it to me. Pix not clear or bright enough being the first experience with night shots for this camera!



A beautiful evening with a lively group by the campfire. James was completely wiped-out.


Sun: Happy Mother’s Day greetings from USA to all mothers. To Linn​ & May​, thank you for making this life’s journey a beautiful worthwhile existence.



Morning Mother’s Day hugs from the family and John surprised me with a drawing, how touching and thoughtful. Church with the family and later a delicious grilled fresh lobster & salmon dinner at home. Tkx Linn for the Edible Arrangement, yummy and refreshing fruits with layer cake from Miri/Sarawak which was packed into the check-in luggage from Miri and then from SIN – CAE…


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    • Thanks James, not only a fortunate mother but also a fortunate grandmother. I am indeed very blessed and thankful for that.

      And how is life with you? Still in Boston??

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