Goodbye Brunei

21 Apr 2015 – Boston Marathon


Sun: beautiful sunset from the coast of Brunei out to the S China Sea. Goodnight sun. The real thing looks better and the beauty of nature can sometimes move one to tears…


Appreciations to Husna, Nidzam and Yashreen for sharing their time and food. Nidzam was home for the weekend and bought back a bunch of food from a wedding and some home-made kelupis (glutinous rice rolls) attended. The tumpi were crispy and flaky, nice plain without any sauce.


Yashreen’s parents brought enough bananas to feed an army. They have a banana farm with 7 different varieties and the 3 – Kapas, Saba and Amas were plenty. And the Minions Banana Song to go with these tummy and sweet bananas… πŸ™‚


IMG_9024Was attracted to this colourful dessert – bought some to taste and they are good, but I am sure all the colouring is not that healthy for the body. Crispy cones (similar to CNY Love-Letters) filled with chocolate.

No did not buy this bag of frozen mixed veg but it did get my attention πŸ™‚ Preferred the local fresh veg, especially the wild kind from the jungle which I did not get much of as the farmers’ market was only opened on certain days…


Mon: blessed with 3 horn-bills enjoying their view and I am also soaking in the green jungle before heading back to the concrete jungle…


Sunset at the farm and the colours are different but just as mesmerizing as yesterday’s sunset by the sea. Somehow the sunsets and the colours of the sky here are quite breath-taking and it is never the same.


Leonard taking care of garbage and nothing goes to waste as the ashes will be used as fertilizer. Relaxing at the end of the day with Nidzam and Yashreen looking into the gender of some fighting fish…


Thank you Leonard for putting me up and putting up with me the past 2 weeks. Being back to the basic and with nature does a world of good mentally and physically. Looking forward to hearing and seeing the progress of Adeela.


As I say goodnight here, Linn started her run at the 119th Boston Marathon 1050hrs Boston time. Hope that she will PR (3:42:04 was her time for 2014 Boston Marathon) and a safe run to her. Olai is cheering her on in Norway and I will cheer her into the finish line in my dreams unless I wake up after 0200hrs!


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