A Week Without Camera

28 Apr 2015 – Appreciations For Pix From Others

Mon: bought an I-Discovery Uni-App Charger S$45 and learning how to use both the charger and this inherited Nikon S70 – a touch-screen affair is touchy and NOT my forte! Will give it a try until I get another hand-me down Canon. PixCredits to I-Discovery and Nikon sites.


Dear cousin Amy in CA/USA. Thank you for this amazing postcard. Having fun with it like a kid – flipping it at different angles to see the effects. Yeah the camera works but I am not getting it quite right!

AlalamNewsAlalam News

These beautiful images reminded me of orchid shows where and when I tired to set up similar motif but due to the lack of budget and orchids they never turned out like these!


No longer helping with set-ups of any shows or publications, just admiring and enjoying them. PixCredits to various sites for these peacock flower set-ups.


Bringing back fond memories of the first and best SIN Orchid Festival at SBG in 2003. (ie personal rating from me as a member of The Orchid Society of South East Asia/OSSEA then).

Given 2 boxes of orchids, an attempt to set up a humble & modest peacock with Fred (no other helping hands!) in HKG&Taiwan 2004 Orchid Show.


Also involved in the publication of the Malayan Orchid Review/MOR for a nearly decade and still with minimum knowledge of orchids then and now πŸ™‚


Vanda Miss Joaquim/卓锦万代兰/ε“ιŒ¦θ¬δ»£θ˜­ – also known as the SIN Orchid and the Princess Aloha Orchid is a hybrid orchid cultivar that is SIN national flower. For its resilience and year round blooming quality, it was chosen on 15Apr 1981 to represent SIN uniqueness and hybrid culture. PixCredits to various sites.


10360841_10153350865433081_3407912922993057991_nA rose can say I love you
Orchids can enthrall
But a weed bouquet in a chubby fist,
Yes, that says it all…

Thank you May for the lovely Olai pix. This is how feel when I think of Linn, May & their families – ie I feel it in my fingers and toes πŸ™‚



Appreciations to KK for bringing the 2books of the Iceland pix. Tkx to Peggy&Ian for these books and memorable shots. Experimenting with the Nikon S70 camera for OSSEA, MOR and Iceland books pix…

Tue: trying to keep to the brighter and more cheerful moments in the midst of the sad news with the drowning of migrants in the Mediterranean, Chile’s volcano eruption, Nepal’s earthquake, rapes, executions, and the list goes on. No pix needed for such depressing scenes.


New places to visit when I get back from US and Norway are the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum.


The National Gallery and LCKNH Museum PixCredits to various sites.