Chicken Or The Egg

10 Apr 2015 – Does Not Really Matter, I Will Eat Both 🙂


Thu: tank cleaning instructions by Leo  to Nidzam and Yashreen who are on attachment here. These young men are lucky to have Leo, my computer guru as their instructor. When he can teach someone like me to do what I can do online, then he must be a good teacher!


Fri: lovely view from my bedroom window this Fri morning. Fri being Jumu’ah صلاة الجمعة for the Muslims – their prayers seem extra long and loud over the speakers!

The moment I wake up
Before I put on my makeup
I say a little prayer for you… – Bacharach


Simpoh Air, Shrubby Dillenia, common wild jungle plant with large leafs and yellow flowers. The flowers open at 3 am and last only a day. The ripe fruit splits open also the same time into pinkish star-shaped segments. The plant blooms from age 3-4 and can live for 50-100 years! Sends out very deep tap roots to reach underground water sources. The tree is used to detect water as it always grows near water.

The special thing about this useful plant is that the leaves can be used to wrap food and can also be used by tailor birds to make nests. Also used to staunch bleeding wounds and the fruit pulp may be used to wash the hair…


Healthy farm life with lush greenery. Melastoma malabathricum with purple flowers opening in the morning for 1day. The seeds stain the mouth when eaten, and is sweet and slightly astringent. The leaves and roots are used in traditional treatments of diarrhoea and dysentery. Powdered leafs may be sprinkled over wounds, roots used for a mouthwash for toothache. It is even used to treat elephants! The fruits may also be used to obtain a black dye, while the ashes of the plant is used to fix dyes.


Acacia mangium is a species of flowering tree in the pea family. Just love those pods and used to collect them when they were dried. Spray-painted them for jewellery and decorations. First time now encountering a fresh greens pods. So beautiful. Appreciations to Bian for the names of these delightful local wild plants.


Fresh eggs and chicken for our meals. Memories of childhood when we had our own chicken coop. Thank goodness I remembered that the chicken had to be blanched in hot water making the feathers easier to be removed…


One of the chickens was bullied by the others before this coop was ready. Tried to rescue it but the poor thing did not survived. Would have preferred to have her eggs than her meat. Leonard chopped the head off to drain the blood.

Some humour with eggs since I am eating them nearly daily 🙂