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19 April 2015 – Moving And Still Life

Sat & Sun: a blissful weekend at the farm observing life in all forms and shapes, reflecting on thoughts from the past week…


Domesticated life


Wild life



Beautiful and colourful still life in lush green surroundings with a nice shady spot for the car where I can vision a tree-house there in the future 🙂

adeela - Copy - CopyIMG_9012


Quite amazing looking at the ariel view to learn that the whole farm (10+aces) was virgin jungle a year ago. Denis & Leonard cleared it, setting up the farm and living quarters (blue roof area) with minimal machinery and a few helpers to just pour concrete for the flooring in this unbearable heat. Total admiration and respect to them as I sit under the shade by a powerful fan hoping that cool words are not burnt in the fried brains…


The Adeela Concept has much potentials combining a sea-bass hatchery, and nursery for the students from the fishery and agricultural school as attachments. Eventually a full fish farm will be the result when the ponds are ready to sustain the mature fish. The teething period is always painful but that too shall pass…


Nidzam and Yashreen are here on attachment and so far they are attentive, cooperative and willing to ask questions – good signs. Also they are eating whatever I cook, another better sign 🙂 Training and disciplining them to learn the daily chores and responsibilities of other life than their own and also to handle the mundane monotony of cleaning tanks and feeding fish. Time will tell when the novelty wears out…


Plans and visions are to build some shelters by the ponds and the Danau River. Sometimes visions will have to wait as the priority has to be the reality! More important for now is to set up a reputable sea-bass hatchery and nursery to cover cost and preferably with some profits for improving the facilities. Focus on the present to give future its turn when the time is right to move on.


With Leonard running this place, there is no doubt that things will move forward in good time. Disadvantage is that this country is packed with bureaucracies and red-tapes!! Good luck and may the Force be with all who are involved here at Adeela – a just and worthy concept to pursue.



Provision stalls and eateries within 5-15mins walk from the farm.

Sight is about what lies right in front of us. Vision is what lies ahead – TH Church

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