Welcome 2015

1 Jan 2015 – Peace and Good Health

3[1]The four official languages in SIN + the two countries where I lived for many years many moons ago!

English: A Happy, Healthy & Wealthy 2015

Malaya: Bahagi, Sehat & Kaya 2015

Chinese: 一個快樂,健康和富有2015

Tamil: एक खुश, स्वस्थ और धनी 2015

Irish: Sásta, Sláintiúil & saibhir 2015

Norwegian: En lykkelig, sunt og rik 2015

The new year usually gets me started with these thoughts and this year, I will write them down so that I can share them before I see the last daylight!


If the whole world could do away with all their so-called weapons of defence and stop putting firework shows, but instead use the money for education and medical, can there be PEACE then? Of course it is not probable nor is it unrealistic – Imagine by John Lennon pops up more often in the mind as time is getting shorter!

Thus will stop posting pix of fireworks even when fireworks never fail to awe me…


♥ Peace ♥ Vrede ♥ Paqe ♥ سلام ♥ Свет ♥ Мир ♥ Pau ♥ 平和 ♥ Mir ♥ Fred ♥ Vrede ♥ Rahu ♥ Kapayapaan ♥ Rauha ♥ Paix ♥ Paz ♥ Frieden ♥ Ειρήνη ♥ Lapè ♥ שלום  ♥ शांति ♥ Béke ♥ Friður ♥ Perdamaian ♥ Síochána ♥ Pace ♥ 평화 ♥ Miers ♥ Taikos ♥ Мир ♥ Keamanan ♥ Paċi ♥ صلح ♥ Pokój ♥ Amani ♥ ความ สงบสุข ♥  Barış ♥ Світ ♥ Hòa bình ♥  Heddwch ♥ פרידן ♥

Not enough postings can bring PEACE but will add on new pix as time goes by –


Jan Bdays

quotes-birthday-inspirational[1]2 – Happy Bday Darryl NEO

3- Happy Bday Richard TANN

5 – Happy Bdays Gerald CHOO & Leonard SHOH

6 – Happy Bday Cindy HALL

9 – Happy Bdays Judy LAM & LW AMEEN

10 – Happy Bday ANG Kee Yang

15 – Happy Bdays Angie SOSA & me!

18 – Happy Bday Isabelle AMEEN

19 – Happy Bday Kari HEGGELUND

21 – Happy Bday Michael LEONG

22 – Happy Bday Katy HALL

24 – Happy Bdays 15th uncle TC LAM and Ole Kristian HUSTAD

This is not a good start to 2015. Hope that cousin ChengEn is safe and sound in Shanghai/China.


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