Goodbye 2014

30 Dec 2014 – Welcoming 2015 With Open Arms!

IMG_6789Sat: resting over the last 2014 weekend is the best I could do for myself and on a rainy and wet but enjoying the cool weather. Grateful to people for their thoughts –

Thanks to Linn&family for yummy Dove Chocolate which melts in your mouth and survived the mailing in this lovely tin-box


Quite a masterpiece by youngest grandchild Olai (3) – I see a dove flying for PEACE! May&family for snowflakes which fit perfectly into my ‘Frozen’ theme! Like us, here is to prove that every snowflake is different!


IMG_6831My gifts to Olai who is into swimming. Since Norway is in the midst of winter, it is easier for me to get the ring and goggles, for once I gave a perfect gift 🙂 Am so glad as both Linn&May learnt to swim before they were 5. Was rather particular that they felt safe in the water. May/1983 age 4+ in SIN with 3 different kinds of floats and she managed to learn then…

Appreciations to Les&Ivy for a wonderful trip, lunches, dinners and drinks; Chris (CC), Aileen & Zai (H&H), nieces Sue & Adeline and to Lisa&family (HI/USA) for their thoughtful and lovely gifts.


Sun: body still resting but the mind and heart went out to our neighbours in Malaysia that started the year with the missing MH370, then MH17 shot, the recent floods and now a missing AirAsia QZ8501 from Surabaya/Indonesia to SIN.  This flight normally takes app 2hrs, Surabaya being 1hrs behind SIN. For those who are not aware, AirAsia is a Malaysian budget airline and I have been on it many times! 2 above credits to ST.

096bb1cbe5_500x670_51523917a4[1]ed37595fe6_500x670_f865dc3ef3[1]Mon: decided to watch 2 movies before new movies take their place. Love On The Cloud***this romantic comedy follows a modern city boy who uses WeChat to make friends in hope of finding a true and sincere romantic relationship. However, he gets involved with a fashionable city girl in a one-night-stand. Despite that, he still searches for a true and pure relationship…

Saint Laurent***is a 2014 biography drama film about French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. It centres on the designer’s life from 1967 to 1976, when his fashion career was at its peak but his personal life was on the other end of the spectrum. This movie is 2.30hrs and can be slow at times but did enjoy the music. Like that opera arias were used for the cat-walk.

IMG_6825IMG_6828Tue: in the CBD area tidying up loose ends, paying bills etc. Change Alley today is totally different from the one in childhood days!

When having to face these bills, I think of Jackie’s mom who just threw all hers on a bed and burnt them. If any of you have read ‘The Burning Bed’ you would want to burn the bed too but that is another entirely different direction of thoughts. Sooo understand Jackie’s mom as I feel the same when ever I see those bills 🙁

Good of Clem to meet for lunch – made my day!

Condolences, prayers and thoughts to the families & friends of the passengers and crew of flight QZ8501


One more day of 2014. Please do not let in any more bad and sad news. Has been a rough year in news and my own health. Hospitalized twice which also has swallowed a whole year of my budget! Hoping for a better 2015 and wishing each and every one of you

A Happy Healthy & Wealthy New Year for 2015. The CNY will fall on Thu 19 Feb 2015 and we will be into the year of the Goat/Sheep. Seeming the Chinese consider those the same animals, so now you see why we as Chinese are so screwed up 🙂

Cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to get it right – Oprah Winfrey

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