12th Day of Christmas

5 Jan 2015 – Away With The Decorations

Fri: tkx to Henry for bringing yummy dinner. Too lazy to go out. Like this unpolished 2in1 stone from him to add to my collection. The big one weighing 2+kg with something looking like a modern art of a person lifting the universal in the air! was found on the W coast of Ireland/2004. Quite amazing and even paid overweight for the checked-in baggage to get it back… for real!


Sat: 10 Day of Christmas, delivered gift basket to Carmel and made pasta and Tiramisu for CC. Still within the 12 days of Christmas frame of celebrations and gifts! These colourful coconut candies are from KohSamui/Coconut Island. If only they knew how to market these, packaging & coordinating the colours with festivals and seasons for gifts!


Sun: tkx to Clem for having me at his place to catch up with some of his downloaded movies. Nice relaxing afternoon. Appreciations to Daisy for including me to dinner at Bukit Merah/Ah Orh Seafood Restaurant*** Their signature dish is cold crab which was not too fresh!  Happy Belated Birthday Darryl who turned 16yrs Fri 2 Jan.

e830ff6f02_500x670_b484062bfd[1]Mon: Serena***an American drama film based on the novel of the same name by Ron Rash. Set in NC/USA during the Depression era, it tells the story of George Pemberton and wife’s life during the time. Pemberton is a businessman struggling to maintain his timber empire, whose life gets complicated when he finds out that his wife Serena is unable to bear children. Was hoping to see some sceneries of the AT…


12 Day of Christmas and time to take down decorations. Before putting them away would like to share first-born Linn&family/USA and god-daughter Guri&family/Norway 2014 greetings. This is the best way to remind me who is who with their names & ages as my own age gets on 🙂 Thank you Linn & Guri for their considerations to us in the grand generation!

A trip to Temenggong Rd returning a piece of broken concrete slab!!! Happy Birthdays to Gerald and Leonard.

We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths – Walt Disney

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