Hello November 2014

1 Nov 2014 – Just Over A Month to Christmas

Wed: Happy Birthdays to Lock & Kiera. Needed to make sure that the muscle does not get knotted again. More sewing but making sure to not sitting in just one position. Got up and cleaned in between!


Thu: tkx Carmel for yummy lunch. First time tasting savoury scorns and salads with mangos and tangerines. Refreshing combination. Great to catch up with MeiLin and to meet her mom Irene. They are the only people I know who have lived on Christmas Island and seen the migrations of the crabs.


Thought Carmel would like a couple of the Shanagarry pottery bowls since she is from that area. She has the brown & whites collections. I still have one of their first mugs bought for a few pence in the late 1960s and they are the black & whites. Have been collecting them thru’ out 10yrs and some broke during the many moves.



Appreciations to Henry for a delightful performance of The Covent Garden Soloist Orchestra for the Charity Toyota Classics Concert at MC Theatres MBS featuring SIN-born Pamela Tan-Nicholson.



Fri: Happy Birthdays to Mark and Adeline and Happy Halloween.


Thrilled to receive #6 grandchild Halloween pix – #6 Olai pix today. His mother May CA/USA,1987 and both dressed as pumpkins!


And the other 5 with their friends: #1 Katy/fictional book character named Kate Witherol , #2 Ellie/Cleopatra, #3 John/dragon behind Cleopatra, #4 Sophie/Tinkerbell  and #5 James/grey-shark. Oh how I miss them all 6…


Thanks Ivy for lunch at Halia at Raffles***This is the 2nd visit and yes better than the 1st.


IMG_6119Had the small pates of beef, chicken, duck and tuna which was well presented. Our waiter was rather observant. After paying the bill, I completed a form and rated ‘good’ for all except for food where I rated ‘average’. Fir, our waiter asked how they could improved on the food. Explained that the beef and duck were good, the chicken on the dry side but the tune was not fresh which we did not finish…

Apologies were extended and the charges for the tuna was deducted from the bill. Now this is service and yes I would go back again and will request for Fir to serve me.


Special Nov dates:

2 Happy Bdays WONG HongSze and John KERNAN

8 Happy Bday Beverly LIN

11 Happy Bday Audrey MOH

13 Happy Bday LEUNG Yee Fun

19 Happy Bday Yulis ADAM TEO

27 Happy Bday Daisy CHIA & Happy Thanksgiving

29 Happy 8th Bday to my grandson John Whitham HALL

30 Happy Bday LAM Kwok Chai

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