Ironies of Life

3 Nov 2014 – Have Yet To Give Thanksgiving A Thought…


Sat: unbelievable, Christmas decorations are up on Orchard Rd, but the light-up is not until mid-end Nov. Still it is way too early to see all these decorations when Halloween was just yesterday and there are 3+weeks before Thanksgiving!


Appreciations to Calvin for sharing his new stock of wine. Made Chicken Guacamole Beet Salad and did warn Chris about red pee! Glad to meet up with another younger charming man, Emerson. Hope that he and friends will be able to join the Iceland presentation at CC/51 Waterloo St Fri 28 Nov 1930hr, day after Thanksgiving.

Amy SG Lam is a avid hikier/walker who has been almost round the global exploring different places. This time, we are pleased to have her again for a presentation of a 9 Days Tour (1 to 9 Sep 2014) in the Best of South & West Iceland. This talk will Include the dormant Thrihnukagigur Volcano that erupted 4,000yrs ago and the ONLY volcano on earth that can be explored on the inside. Let’s get together and enjoy this joyous occasion !


While waiting for the bus, I spy these events at SMU,


and some of the outdoor displays at the National Museum.

1379668_10154731910290562_8024628007444725194_n[1]Tkx Clement for dinner me to his pot-luck dinner. Good to see his ex-banker colleagues and a year does make a difference to their kids. Too busy watching TV with the kids that the camera was forgotten!

Audrey’s contribution, delicious beef soup and even to doggy-bag some home. Tkx Aud and also for the ride. Beef soup pix ix credits to Aud.

imagesCAWLNK44Sun: those who are in the areas of Fall Back (DayLight Saving Time), remember to turn your clock an hour back and enjoy that extra hour of sleep. Many moons ago when I was working with the airlines in MCO/FL, USA forgot about Fall Back and was the only one at the gate counter that early and dark morning…

Dinner at Glory and ice-cream at Marble Slab/I12, both within 10mins walk or 3 bus-stops. Chose the bus bc of the stupid haze. TKx Clem for dinner and company. Bad haze today – stayed indoors, nice to get out just for a short evening walk but the eyes were teary!

IMG_6153Mon: haze is still in – PSI readings, 100+ Rescheduled app to remain indoors in my own space and AC surroundings. No fan nor friends of the haze, otherwise the eyes and throat will be unhappy! Stirred-fried baby KaiLan in XO sauce garnished with celery and pumpkin puree to use up the veggies before they go to waste.

8468a3c24b_500x670_8b30e0698b[1]A movie from last week: The Rewrite***a romantic comedy. Keith is an Oscar-winning writer stuck in a slump and decides to leave Hollywood. He starts teaching screenwriting at a small college on the East coast,  and soon finds himself falling for a single mother who is one of the students taking his classes.

Feel good movie with Hugh Grant who plays Keith here…


The ironies of life…

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