90th Birthday

29 Oct 2014 – And Yet Another Coincident!!

10462934_10152784111016063_7031206042179201432_n[2]576196_10151554893741063_1612183645_n[1]Sat: welcome to planet Earth baby Taylor. Congratulations and welcome to parenthood Lisa and Adriane in HI/USA.

Was unfortunate that something was up  and could not attend their beautiful wedding Mar 2013. The very best and well wishes to the additional to their family.

10710973_10152578800599024_4278616855151692252_n[1]Sun: tkx for nice lunch company Ting, CH and Hannah. Decided to give a twist for the condiments display, with Christmas in mind! Ting owns Urban Farm & Barn, and most of the herbs I use in the Nasi Ulum dish are available at her farm.

Good luck to Hannah for the orienteering race at Pulau Ubin, and hope that the compass will be of good use! Have been told that there is some woman there who makes excellent Nasi Ulum.


Mon: Happy 90th Birthday to L&Ms Norwegian paternal grandmother. The best grandmother to my 2 daughters and the best great-grandmother to my 6 grandchildren. Thank you, Ellen.

IMG_6090Emerald Ball 2014 Final

Stay indoors all day trying to sew an outfit for the Charity Ball. Somehow the creative juices are not working with me for The Enchanted Forest theme today. Only forest in mind at present is the ruins gate-pillar of #5, not a cheerful thought. Perhaps visiting Temenggong Rd was not such a good idea. To top it all, some thigh muscle got knotted and it is not comfortable!


Tue: met with Larry to say goodbye and was limping thru’ out the day. Visited Campers Corner and fortunately, Thomas from Anytime Fitness was there to try to un-knot me! Feeling better but will take a few days before the limp goes away. Tkx Thomas and will highly recommend you to anyone. Oh the tell-tale signs of aging!


Wed: received this magazine from my bro Les who is one of the best cardiologists in SE Asia. So proud of him and blessed to have him as my bro.

IMG_6097IMG_6098Drillings which I thought was some unit being renovated turns out to be on-going roof-work. What is worse, out and about in this heat or turn on the AC and radio with ear-phones?? In no position to complain. Thoughts of the workmen in this heat on the roof-top and the drilling is enough to shut me up.


Cheerful thoughts of the grandchildren seeing these every time I pass by the pre-school downstairs. Reminding me of how L&M used to like building with the smaller Legos and had a whole village built in the attic of our house. Now Olai also likes the bigger Legos and will probably like the smaller ones too when the time is right. Such fantastic timeless toys.

Another coincident and its weird like how I caught up with Leng in OSL a couple of years ago. This morning in the elevator getting away from the drilling and Evelyn was also doing the same. Have had short hellos with her in passing. Today she offered me a ride to Parkway and somehow thru’ the conversation, I discovered that she is a sister of Linda Lim who was at Alex with me in Dublin. Linda also married a Norwegian, but somehow we lost contact. App 5mil ppl in SIN, and Evelyn lives in the same block…

We are continually shaped by the forces of coincidence – Paul Auster

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