Linn & Family to OSL

6 Aug 2014 – Thru’4 Airports & 2 Changes of Planes With 5kids

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Sun: hello and goodbye to Garry. Good to catch up for the day. Thank you for stopping by and for the bubbles. Hope that he has now bought enough books stock up for the year! He is heading to Bali and  Darwin/Australia and seemingly both places do not have decent book shops. Thanks to Clem for T at Paul in Takashimaya. The Napoleon cake is no comparison to that of Norway’s. Safe journeys to Garry.


Was reading an old posting from 2011 and thought of my Australian friends… 🙂


Mon: also safe journeys to Linn & family who are traveling from CAE-IAD-FRA-OSL for her Norwegian grandmother’s 90th celebrations. Hats off to Linn&Jeff and they did not even get seats together on Lufthansa from IAD-FRA! Thank goodness for inflight entertainment!


Guess if this mother, mother-in-law and grandmother is concern, staying home all day waiting to hear that they are safe and sound with May & family! Yeah, they have landed safely in OSL and it is bedtime here. Family pix credits to Linn.

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Tue: what a lovely breezy early morning and the rains came before 0700hrs, only lasted just for a few minutes. Appointments at Mt E both morning and afternoon. Discovered that one could buy very affordable clothes on the top floor of Lucky Plaza/Flea Party from S$1-5.

Gerald, a man following thru’ his words who so kindly brought goodies from Bewley’s in Ireland. Touched with his kind gestures and thoughts. Appreciations to him for taking the time to lunch at the new Food Republic in the basement of Shaw House…


untitledSIN is getting ready to celebrate its 49yrs of independence this Sat 9Aug. The neighbourhood has colourful and delightful paintings by children decorating the void deck. Nice to see that while waiting for the bus. Looking forward to attending the NDP/National Day Parade which will be the 1st for me. Psychologically gearing up and preparing for the crowds and heat – 2 of the least favourite things in this life’s journey! Found the perfect outfit for the occasion 🙂 🙂


Attending NDP is one of the items to do in the bucket list and at this stage in life, must try not to just consume the bubbles in the bucket but to also live life to the fullest when there are still bubbles 🙂 🙂 🙂

Have you found joy in your life? Has your life brought joy to others? –  The Bucket List movie

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