The Meadow

21 Aug 2014 – Bay North Entrance


Mon: thanks to Pat for a drink. Already had lunch but good to catch up with Peggy and Pat, and nice to meet Keng Siong. A kind of alfresco place! to sit comfortably with a meal or drink, Pollen is located in the AC Flower Dome. Tired to take Christian there for a farewell drink the following evening but they were closed for a private function.



Bay North Entrance, The Meadow with the Landscape and Fantasy Gardens is outdoor.  This is located at the opposite end of the Flower Dome, Bay South Entrance, The Canopy where the indoor Orchid Extravaganza is.


The Meadow: Celebrations! Floral Table Series Miracle Dinning Table by TAN HanXiang won the Best of Show an the Gold for this category.



The Meadow – indoor in AC displays and arrangements.

The whole SGF layout concept as beautiful as it is this year is not good, too spread out and too uncomfortable for all those who have to be outside all day. Must remember to make a note writing to the organizers about this + some feed-backs.

Festival Map (30 Jul) Low Res

IMG_4697Christian2014-08-19 22.16.21

Tue: time to say farewell to Christian and hope that his stay in SIN was an educational and interesting one. Safe journeys to him and appreciations to Bev, CH and TIng for a lovely evening at ChinChin*** for dinner and a drink at Divine Bar/Parkview Sq.

All gardening is landscape painting – William Kent