Preparations for 2014 NDP

8 Aug 2014 – SIN 49th Birthday


Thu: sad and most unexpected from the sleepy town of KCH in Sarawak/E Malaysia on the island of Borneo. My heart goes out to the families and friends of these 2 young medical British students. Not just to Brits, alcohol and drugs in a mix can be toxic for many. Whatever said and done do not justify murder (nothing justify murder). These 2 young Brits walked away from whatever argument but were pursued by 4 others in a car – according to BBC and above 3 pix credits to BBC.

Wrong place, wrong time and this location had been warned as there was another argument involving 2 young Irish just the previous night…

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Am usually not in SIN this time of the year, strange to see the flags up so early but nice and colourful. These are pix only from Marine Crescent, so one can imagine what it will be like where the parade will be held.

2014-07-24 11.40.002014-07-24 11.41.24

Have yet to attend a NDP and this will be SIN 49 Independence Day, a young nation with its 1st National day in Aug 1965. Mother passed away Jun 1965 and I left for Dublin/Ireland Jul 1965. Even I am older than SIN 🙂 Was told that it was impossible to get tickets and even if possible, the crowds and heat might give me all kinds of strokes – and with a stroke of luck, there is a ticket.

2014-07-24 12.15.142014-07-24 12.12.21

Rather fun to get all my red and white outfit, accessories etc ready. Thank you to grandniece Kiera for the Rainbow Loom bracket and to niece Sue for the face-tattoo. Running around town like a kid looking for all kinds of gadgets that are available. Certainly enough glow sticks to last for the evening! Could not find the bag in mind, so decided to sew one and quite pleased with it as the flags can be exchanged according to which country’s national day’s celebrations 🙂 🙂

Looking forward to experiencing my birth country’s NDP for the 1st time. Going with intentions to enjoy it to the fullest no matter of crowds or heat, rain or shine. Next posting will be only a pix posting of the NDP, unless something worth mentioning happens!

2014-07-21 13.34.57

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