ByeBye July 2014

2 Aug 2014 – Hello August…


Sat: what was the occasion and where was this life music coming from, We Care@Marine Parade – Project Sunshine Day was the happening at the common area downstairs this morning. Just enough time to take a few pix before taking the bus into town…


Nice and quiet in the CBD on a Sat afternoon. The vertical gardens at Raffles Place needs a trim! With the view from 5th floor One Raffles Place to welcome Leonard Shoh back to SIN. Good to catch up and to hear what he has been up to in Brunei. Was hoping to make a visit there end of the year, but seems like that will not happen. He will be too busy getting his first batch of baby bass into action. Thanks to Clem for T at the Fullerton Hotel.

7guardian227a6e685_190x272_63d98a85d6Fri: more than half of 2014 is over! Started Aug with 2hrs on the dentist chair for a root canal and this is the 2nd and final session! The jaw was stretched to the max! Thanks to niece Daisy for lunch and a ticket to Guardians to the Galaxy****Would not have watch this movie if not for the free ticket and surprising was totally amazed with the effects. Grandnephew Stanley was such a sport to want to watch this with me!


Thu: an enjoyable short swim in the training pool, the OCBC Aquatic Centre at the Sports Hub. Will try the competition pool for a longer swim before 17 Aug.


On Lake Murray SC/USA – grandkids #1-5 who will be heading to Norway to join #6 to celebrate their Norwegian  great-grandmother’s 90th birthday. Safe journeys to the Hall family.


Good chicken rice stall at Orchard Cathay basement, Koufu. Packages of tissue on the table is how seats are reserved in SIN! Watched 2 movies as the mood was there to be in front of big screens.

AndSoItGoesAnd So It Goes***there are a million reasons not to like realtor Oren Little, and that’s just the way he likes it. Obnoxious to anyone who might cross his path, he wants nothing more than to sell one last house and retire in peace and quiet – until his estranged son suddenly drops off a granddaughter…

Feel good movie and a good way to pass an afternoon!

7thirdperson00_450_190x272_6c6c38f643Third Person**three interlocking love stories involving three couples who are not married to each other in three cities: Rome, Paris, and New York. relationships involving betrayal, guilt, incest, lies, sex,  etc etc too much emotions and soapy melodrama for me!

Aug  dates:


2 Aug – Happy 50th Bday to Claire Armstrong, the most wonderful baby-sitter to my children. Pix taken in SIN 1979 and in FL/USA 1989.

4 Aug – Happy Bday Candice Tay

5 Aug – Happy Bday LAM ChengEn

9 Aug – Happy 49th Bday SIN

10 Aug – Happy Bday LAM JenWee

2 thoughts on “ByeBye July 2014

  1. Amy, was reading your blog and came across my daughter’s name. Can you believe she’s 35 now. Still my baby.

    p/s Thanks for remembering.

    • Hi Alfred, trying to list the family’s bdays as each month passes, but not easy as there are so many of us. Thank goodness for FB which helps. Time flies the last time our kids were together was in Nov 1987, when you all just moved into the new house.

      Linn is now 40 and May will be 36 in Sep…

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