29 Mar 2014 – The Week Flew by with Buses, MRTs and Walks…


The most efficient, reliable and inexpensive mode of public transport here in SIN. The bus-stop is beside the MP Police Station and must be the safest bus-stop to be at. No chances to pull the Alonzo trick and in addition SIN bus stops are cemented to the ground in anticipation to people like me 🙂

IMG_1939Prefer the bus if in no hurry and usually have a book with me to catch up with reading. Enjoy it more when able to ride off-peak hours Here on bus#75 Shenton Way (CBD/Central Business District). 10.00hrs on Wed. Only for a few stops to feel like I had the bus to myself, it was nice to have that kind of space even for just a few minutes when one lives with a pop of 5+millions…

Here is the best commercial for public transport!

7thejourney_sg00_450_190x272_9b5f2a1cb9Mon: The Journey*****beautiful movie.  A conservative man and his hope is to reunite with his only daughter, whom returned from overseas after graduation to live together as a traditional family. When she brings back her foreign boyfriend with her and plans to get married, her father tries, but fails to change his daughter’s mind.

A must watch for anyone wanting to understand and learn about another culture than their own. Subtitled but in many dialects including English… just love the Chinese title, even with my most limited knowledge of Chinese – translate literally, one road have you ie there is you all the way…


Wed: Nasi Padang Zion Rd 10.30hrs and 11.15hrs. The standard of the food is certainly not as it used to be and they will be closing on Fri for good after 58yrs. Wanted to have one last bite for old-time sake. Begedil (mashed potato) is one of my favourite nasi padang dishes. Llady in pink T-shirt is my 16th auntie and she was there with 11th auntie. Small world!! Only realised after they finished eating and they were there since 10.00hrs!

couplecinemaTried to see The Grand Budapest Hotel at GV Great Wold City but it turned out that when I was the there, this was only shown at Gemini where it only has twin couple seating, did not even know that this kind of cinema existed! Was NOT about to pay S$12. So will have to wait with this flick.



Thu: welcome back to SIN Richard. Delicious Cantonese dinner at WahLok****in Carlton Hotel. This place is newly renovated and the standard of the food has not disappointed me yet.


Lovely stroll down New Bridge Rd to introduce the ‘flying wine angel’ at Divine Wine Bar in Parkview Square; Gotham City of SIN, an only one of a kind here or anywhere else. Do enjoy taking visitors here and so far, they have all been fascinated. First time here in the evening! Pleasant life music.

Below is a good blog of this location:

Every now and then in the history of cities, an individual has a building constructed to stamp his mark on the metropolis – and the public takes notice – Calvin Low

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