According to BBC 3Mar2014

7 Mar2014 – SIN Most Expensive City



No wonders with the heart problems, no matters of FIBS or not 🙂 SIN ranking #1 as the most expensive city to live in the world and OSL/Norway #3!! Both cities that are frequently in my paths!! Hopefully with diet, medications, treatment and slowing down a little will see me thru’ some more livable years. Trip to the US rescheduled under doctors’ advise. Will miss Linn’s actual Bday but will be to celebrate when May& family arrives.



Wed: an afternoon at the Nation Library, and quite impressed to see how the children’s section is done up to attract young readers. And also an outside area to read. It was actually OK on these windy days but probably too hot when no wind. Also at this outdoor section , the bricks from the old library is used on this wall.


Good catch up with beautiful and charming Yulis and to see her glowing in anticipation of motherhood. Dinner at Grandma’s***in Raffles City. Will probably not be here for the birth but will looking forward to meeting the new female addition when I am back.


Thu: lunch at Bijin Nabe***in Plaza SIN, delicious Japanese noodles in soup. Good recommendation, Leonard. For the stomach under these circumstance, the portion was enough to doggie-bag for dinner too.

Just a gentle reminder for the slide show presentation on the UKc2c Walk. Hope to see y’all there for a  fun evening with a great bunch of people. Will be serving cucumber and egg sandwiches. Drinks can be purchased there.
Campers' Corner.'s photo.
Slideshow Night: Coast to Coast Walk In England with Amy Lam,
Thu 6 Mar 2014 19:30 at Campers’ Corners/SIN.
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An enjoyable evening at Campers’ Corner for the UKc2c Walk talk! Nice catching up with a great group of old and new friends. Appreciations to Calvin, Chee Hoew, Hannah, Henry, Hong Sze, Leonard, Philip, Wendy, Sam and all the others who attended and hope that I did not bore them to fall asleep. Special thanks to Leonard (and for pix too!) & Henry for helping out and another special thanks to Calvin for hosting this talk.

Fri: Oh no, am getting paranoid again, first it was Ting’s parents’ backyard and now to discover this when I was downstairs buying food…


My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty. She’s ninety-seven now, and we don’t know where the heck she is – Ellen DeGeneres

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