Marine Terrace Market

14 Jan 2014 – What We locals Call Wet Market/WetM

WetM is a must-see attraction for a true cultural experience of SIN. WetM are fresh food markets and named due to using water to clean the floors for different reasons like ice-melting, fish-cleaning and veggie-washing. These markets are operated with the lively sounds of good old-fashioned commerce. Some people will suppose that wet markets are wet and dirty, but the fact is that they are clean, colourful and vibrant…


There are two sections in a typical WetM, the wet and dry area. Products such as meat, fish are constantly sold at the wet area while dry area is the place for selling sacks of herbs, spices, rice, dried noodles, dried seafood, and beans.

The best time to explore WetM is in the early morning. Most of them open at 0500hrs or earlier and close before noon to keep the freshness for the products.


IMG_0939Sun: usually do my shopping at the MT WetM on the weekends, especially the weekend just passed, Made a big pot of soup to be ready by Mon to go on a liquid diet due to a tooth extraction!! There was a promotion on this electric lunch box. Being a fan of cooking and kitchen-ware gadget, bought this for S$50 and found it useful for steaming, and a healthy way to cook!


The pros about wetM are that the prices are cheaper than supermarket ( a local 24hrs Giant just around the corner from the WetM) and  can buy in small quantity, 1 carrot or 1 stalk of celery, etc. A large pot of soup (should last for 2-3 days) with 1kg+ of pork bones & meat, 1 large carrot, potato & onion, garlic & ginger for seasoning and green onions & cilantro for garish will cost about S$10.


Fresh flowers usually orchid or Heliconia or any of the ginger flower family for S$4-5, these local flower can last up to 2 weeks.

Mon: not a good day, it is the 13th but not a Fri! First the alarm did go but luckily managed to rescheduled the dental app. On the way home, could not find my keys and with a groggy mind, just headed to the door so that I can figure out what the next step will be. Joy to discover that the keys were still in the pad-lock! Thank goodness no one else noticed!! Feeling the discomfort after saying goodbye to one of my teeth who has been with me for nearly 60yrs 🙁 even the yummy home-made soup is no comfort but then also it is time to lose weight 🙂

To market, to market, to buy a fat pig;
Home again, home again,jiggety jig.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
To market, to market, to buy a fine hog;
Home  again, home again, joggety jog –

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