Welcome Cousin Anna from Canada

18 Jan 2014 – And KittyEU from Sierra Leone/Africa

IMG_0946Tue: dentists are not my favourite visits even though I am fond of my dentist cousin Ken ūüôā Somehow is it not easy to talk when the mouth is packed with instruments ūüôā ūüôā Managed to take an easy and lazy¬†day dosing and reading, but then have to be careful not to doze¬†too much or unable to sleep at night!¬†Created a plate of wing-bean salad¬†but had to¬†dump it into the soup to soften it, usually prefer it fresh and crunchy… alas not this time!!


Above pix from 1954, 1956 at the old Island Club and Christmas 1961 or 62?

IMG_0915IMG_0917Thank you to my dearest parents for this blessed life. Two pix from 1950 & 1963 good memories of mother. She passed on in her early 50s/1965. Tomorrow it will be 64yrs ago she gave birth to me, the youngest of her 7 children!

Still remember the 1963 pix, the first¬†day of CNY¬†and¬†she was rushing to sew¬†my dress the night before. She was a¬†fantastic seamstress and sewn most of her’s & the family’s clothes.


71f3a00795486_190x272_b2ced243ffWed: Happy Bdays to Angie/USA and me. Nice to hear from family and friends and such beautiful cake pix on FB. Thank you everyone for their kind and thoughtful greetings. Watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty***a timid magazine photo manager who lives life vicariously through daydreams who embarks on a true-life adventure when a negative goes missing…


Appreciations to sis Jo for dinner, thank you for¬†her family’s ¬†company. Lucas & Beth love blowing out candles and I am still paranoid about it…

IMG_0971Thu: what a lovely surprise to hear that KittyEUFadlu-Deen is visiting her mom for the CNY. Met up for breakfast and later had the pleasure to meet with her mom, Mrs Eu, en elegant and remarkable 92yr lady. Kitty was one of my music teachers in Dublin/Ireland. Looking forward to meeting up with Yasmin¬†¬†(Kitty’s daughter) who I baby sat in the 1970s. She too will be visiting for the CNY.


Fri: at the airport to meet with cousin Anna who was lucky to get out of Toronto the day when all the arrival flights were cancelled. She wants her independence and has booked herself a non-refundable hotel room! Great to catch up at the airport, saw her off to the hotel, had lunch and left her to explore. SIN is a safe and easy place to move about if one is adventurous and go with an open mind. Have learnt that for S$20 will give you unlimited rides on the buses and MRTs for 3 days/tourist pass.

One of my best Bday gifts, Katy made it into the Honors Orchestra. Looking sooo forward to hearing her play again. Yeah, way to go #1 grandchild!