The Journey Continues

 27 May 2013 – Westward Bound for Norway via Saudi Arabia & UK

This post has taken forever, now out of Windows and onto MacBook Air. Having problems finding the scroll-bar, frustrated!

Please do not tell me that all these signs are anything but just coincidences…

_67793799_plane_apThe Airbus A319, with 75 passengers and five crew aboard, took off at 8.16am bound for Oslo made an emergency landing at Heathrow shortly after take-off. The northern runway remained closed for almost two hours, causing widespread delays. More than 20 incoming flights were diverted to other UK airports…

_67798419_plane_67803827_london_flightpath_624Police boarded Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight PK709, originally en route to Manchester from Lahore, after it was diverted to Stansted and two brothers who organised a plane hijack were today jailed for five years each…

World map 01

Heading from SIN to Heathrow/London on SaudiAir, OW for US$332 S$420; connecting on Ryanair from Stansted/London to RYG/Norway, OW for GBP44 S$84. Even with bus and train transfers, the total should not be more than S$600 from door to door. What are the chances, Heathrow, Stansted, Oslo – oh well! ce sera sera, time will show and whatever happens will happen and happens for a reason!

Shopping, packing and closing the apartment done, bye for now SIN, hello Norway and…

the journey continues westward with uncertain plans regarding the UKc2c hike. Was told that Glenda who will be hiking with me was injured in a recent freak accident at Trail Days in Damascus/VA, USA. Still waiting to hear from her, but in the meanwhile, have mailed some of the hiking stuff ahead to UK, hoping for the best. Am really concern about her and other fellow AT Hikers involved.


First time in Damascus/VA was 2005 hiking the AT thru-hike and again in 2008 for Trail Days.

Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself, and know that everything in life has purpose. There are no mistakes, no coincidences. All events are blessings given to us to learn from – Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

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