10 May 2013 – Sign of Life

IMG_3264Saw the title Sign of Life which was regarded as a powerful symbol during the Pharaoh, rulers of all Ancient Egyptian dynasty times.

Discreetly took this pix (no flash) during the visit at the Mummy Exhibition. Found it rather intriguing and ironic, considering that death is the main subject with Mummy!

Faience amulet in the shape of ankh, said to be from Gebel Barkal, Egypt 25th Dynasty to Late Period, about 700-500 BC. This amulet was acquired by Lord Kitchener in the Sudan. It probably originated in a temple, since amulets found in burials are usually smaller.


The ankh/ hieroglyph for life and when combined with –  


the was-sceptre for power, the djed-pillar for stability, the heh-man with upraised arms for eternity. The whole object taken together represents a wish, probably for the king then. Eternal life, power and stability.

And even for today, which ruling power does not wish that 🙂


To anyone who wear this symbol freely, wonder if they know the meaning and origins? And did this female sign evolved from ankh, for giving life??


For the high-tech generation who just had their StarWar celebrations – May the Force be with You and even a phrase like this probably come from the idea of Eternal life, power and stability.


Tkx for lunch, Rebecca. Glad to see her mother in good health at age 100 – now, this certainly is the real sign of life! and a pix from auntie Lim’s family heydays.


From Rebecca’s place, TaoNanSchool (blue roof) which will soon be under renovations and block 46 can clearly be seen. 25th floor on the elevator landing is where the sea view is. These HDB/public housing units with the seaview are able to fetch S$1mil.

A wonderful weekend to all from a tunnel vision of the EastCoast area taken from a HDB lift landing. To see wider visions, plx remove judgements, prejudice, etc etc etc…

BigWedding (1)BigWedding (2)pc_600x450

The Big Wedding***a comedy about Don and Ellie, played by De Niro and Keaton, who are two divorced people who pretend they are still married in order to keep up family appearances for their son’s wedding. Have been waiting to see this movie. Perhaps too much expectations when there is such a group of known cast. Funny at times but crossing the line at other times to off-colour jokes.

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all – Oscar Wilde