Singapore Memory Project

12 May 2013 – Memory=ability to hold in the mind…


This blog has been approached by the Singapore  Memory Project /SMP and by contributing to the SMP (above badge and logo), affirms that every memory matters. So from Jul 2013 when this life’s journey is on the 300km UK coast to coast path, will be listed on the SMP page:

And so the journey continues with memories and acknowledgments not just to SIN but of everyone, everywhere and everything that cross this path.


Thu: tkx to Chris TAY for demonstrating what a well-equipped and charming gentleman he is. Campers Corner was at The Fire & Disaster show at MBS (7-9May) demonstrating their gears contributing to the safety in disaster situations. Would have been fun if the convention committee would have allowed a more exciting show, ie by letting the young well-build guys swinging from the poles saving young ladies… just a thought 🙂 🙂


At the Promenade MTR station are these glittery raindrops or teardrop art piece hanging from the ceiling. Certainly eye-catching! Now this is when I prefer travelling on the MRT, non-rush hour with no crowds, on the way to Bayfront. Later MRT to Bras Basah (station with a water feature above), met 3 girls from United World College who were doing a survey on public transport. Was more than happy to contribute to their field-trip day.

Stadium MRT station is still my favourite so far.

Tkx to Audrey and nephew Clement for their company to share a takeout meal.

IMG_3513Fri: welcome niece Patricia back from NYC and welcome JohnC visitor from HKG. The lines of cabs waiting to pick up passengers on a Fri evening at T1. And that is why they are unhappy to drive the short distances, but still no reason to be crabby! Prefer to take the bus or MRT when no check-in  luggage and glad that JohnC travels light!

Busy busy busy…


Sat: tourist guiding around Haji Lane,



Malaya Heritage Centre – FOC for SIN seniors, otherwise S$4 for adult. This new centre is tastefully done and worth the time to see. The house and the grounds brought back good memories of childhool of 5 Temenggong Rd…



Arab St area,


Divine Wine Bar at Parkview Sq,


MBS and Que Bayfront with Rodin’s The Thinker.


Sun: Happy Mothers Day to all mothers. Family dinner at Les&Ivy. Heading by bus to Malaysia tomorrow and might not have the time or any accessibility online. Have a wonderful week.

What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce  ― Karl Lagerfeld