Mummy & Lego

1 May 2013 – Happy May Day on this Hump Day 🙂


Mon: early lunch, tkx to Aileen for spicy yummy Javanese lunch at Pondok Jawa Timur/Wilkie Edge***The Nasi Campur Set gave a variety of chicken, beef & veggie. We also shared a plate of stir-fried brocoli, good flavour and crispy – how veg should be done when not having it raw. Love trying new venues.



Worth paying S$20 to see the Mummy – Secrets of the Tomb and The Art of the Brick (extended to 26May) at the ArtScience Museum. The museum and what’s on now are interesting and enjoyable. Highly recommended. Wanted to visit this museum for a long while and these 2 exhibitions got me going…



Have seen some of the Mummy exhibits over the years in different countries and still never fail to be fascinated. Photography was not allowed, above 3 pix credits to ST. The 3D film (30mins and limited seating) is educational and unwrap a 3,000 year-old mystery.


For many, including my children, Lego has been part of our toys when growing up. Nathan Sawaya first came to national attention in 2004, when he left his job as an attorney to work full-time as a LEGO artist. His creations are beyond words and one has to see them to feel and relate to the emotions. His signature piece, a human form sculptures titled ‘Yellow’ (11,014 Lego bricks/LB) a kind of self-portrait about his transition opening up to the world. Very profound.

And just a few of the others ‘Trapped’ (3,423LB), ‘Disintegration’ (10,124LB),


a life-size tyrannosaurus rex 6-foot (1.8 m) tall (80,124LB), a display well worthy to be on its own;


portrait of Alfred Hitchcock and also you can computerize your Lego portrait in all shades and colours 🙂 🙂



Salvatore Ferragamo brings the Art of Shoemaking to SIN and here is one of my favourite fountains/water features in SIN at The Shoppes in MBS.


Ended this wonderful day with an alfresco fine dinning, a view from 57 floor of the MBS Skypark at Ku Dé Ta****Tkx to Les&Ivy. Lawrence&Mabel will be off back to KCH tomorrow. Never knew that there could be so much energy in this aging body but what a fun exciting day 🙂 🙂 🙂

Tue: saw Lawrence&Mabel off at the airport, safe journeys to them. Headed straight on to Hagley & Hoyle, continuing to attend a muslin funeral rituals and prayers for Zai’s mother-in-law at her home. May she RIP. Condolences to Zai  and her family.

1 May – Happy May Day

5 May – Happy Cinco De Mayo

6 May – Happy Bdays WONG Wai Kit & Jan SOSA

10 May – Happy Bday Andrew LAM

13 May – Happy Bday Susannah LAM

17 May – Happy Bday LAM Poh Chee & hurra for 17 mai

18 May – Happy Bday Helen VICKERY-YEO

23 May – Happy Bday Yasmine AMEEN

27 May – Happy Bdays LAM Sui Chang & Karen LIM

28 May – Happy Bday Vanessa LAM

30 May– Happy Bday Hans Kristian HUSTAD

My worst day as an artist is better than my best day as a lawyer – Nathan Sawaya

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