Sweet April Showers…

29 Apr 2013 – Do Bring May Flowers!

Happy 17th Bday to grandnephew Stanley, eldest grandson to bro Steven.

And it has certainly been wet the past week but nice with the refreshing rains. Tomorrow will be the last day of Apr which means life’s journey will be on the go again soon. Somehow it seems that there was not much time this trip. Need to slow down and take time to do what has been on the shelves for the past years…



Received an invite to a high school graduation class of 2013 from Josh Bowman. How is it possible that he is already done with high school? Congratulations and good luck to Josh. It does not seem that long ago when his father, Matt graduated from LHHS…


which also means that the class of LHHS 1993 will be back in FL celebrating their 20th reunion this year!!!


Tea at High Society***in Marina Bay Sands, not that they are needed but some cupcakes will be cheerful to just look at and some will give energy so as not to feel the years flying by so quickly.

iiUKc2c (2)

Fri: grocery shopping and logistics for the UKc2c. Will there be enough energy to complete this 300km/190m trail? Another challenge and time will show, but looking forward to it.


Sat: was awakened by loud thunders, fortunately did not have to go out. Home-made lunch in delightful company of Hong & KK who is just as camera-shy as the one holding the camera! When Richard visited in Feb, forgot our annual pix. Above pix from 2012 – Richard & Hong looks exactly the same, and Hong, so does my place!! Encouraging to know that our memories are still in tact to be able to laugh about our mischievous good old childhood days 🙂

Made Salmon Sashimi with Sesame Oil for family and friends over the weekend and was all gone, so must be yummy! Am better with making food when there is no cooking involved 🙂 🙂


Sun: another tropical downpour early morning. Tkx to Leonard (in red) to more app for the MacBook Air, will learn to use it sooner or later. Without him, there would not have been a laptop, thus no blog either… 🙂 🙂 🙂

Dinner at Les&Ivy who want to change in this chandelier for a new one.

Again the blackbirds Sing; the streams Wake, laughing from their winter dreams, and Tremble in the April showers – JohnG Whittier

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